ethics – Should I report a security issue I discovered in a 3rd party system to my manager?

To approach this from a workplace point of view:

What you have done is incredibly risky. Poking around in systems where you have the potential to access personal, private information is just asking for trouble, doubly so if you don’t know the culture where you are working. If your employer has any kind of “shoot the messenger” culture, then you’ll be out of a job within minutes of mentioning this to anyone.

If your jurisdiction has any kind of whistleblower protection, you might be able to utilise that to at least ensure a graceful exit from your company, but I wouldn’t rely on that.

Best thing to do is to ignore this and pretend you never found it; you can’t even really report this anonymously any more as your fingerprints will be all over the requests made to the system.

Webform submissions to 3rd party API with Refresher Authentication token

This might be a basic question,

but how can you send the submitted information in a webform to a 3rd party API?

I have read this:

But it looks this recipe is more about updating a submission rather that doing requests.

Any help would be appreciated. :]


I realized I can use handlers for submission, but need to use a refresh authentication token for submission. Are there any hooks for that?

I’m looking for hooks grab the data submitted from a specific form, then creates a POST request to create an access code and finally makes a POST request for a 3rd party API.

Using Zoho CRM API

Excel: create column based on a 2nd column AND a 3rd column category

I have 2 columns, one called “gender” and the other “height”.

I would like to create an independent column that would populate only the height value if the gender cell of the rows contain “female”.

For instance, let’s say I have:

Gender cell row1 = female
Gender cell row2 = male
Gender cell row3 = female

Height cell row 1 = 1.7
Height cell row 1 = 1.6
Height cell row 1 = 1.5

So I would like my custom column “female heights” to be created as such:

female heights cell row 1 = 1.7
female heights cell row 2 = 1.5

I know how to count how many females are in the Gender column =>


But I don’t know how to create a new column taking values of the Height column only if the Gender column value is “female”. It’s a big leap from one to another.

Thanks for your help.

Broadcasting a transaction as a 3rd party

If you have send your transaction but it does not appear on the blockchain yet it mean it is still in the mempool, the place where transaction are waiting to be taken by a miner.

Miner incentive are to take the transaction with the biggest fees first, so yes you can “double send” your transaction using the same element but with an increased fee, so that it has more chance to be mined fast.

You can check this question for more detail:

When increase transaction fee three times in few minutes – transaction had an attempted double-spent?

air travel – Flight Changed Itinerary by full day, Ticket bought through 3rd Party

Similar to: Flight itinerary/time/date change

I had scheduled a flight (Air Serbia), and purchased it through a 3rd party company (Orbitz).

After the hassle-free 24 hour cancellation period had past, I got an email telling me the flight had been pushed back an entire day. This won’t work for me since I have connecting plans at the destination and don’t want to cancel a number of things.

The flight is between to EU countries, but Serbia itself is not a EU country, so I am not sure if/how the EU Air Passenger rights apply.

I am looking to get a full refund and buying another ticket, but every time I get through to the third-party company, they tell me they don’t have a prior agreement and all they can do is reach out to Air Serbia asking for a refund. They tell me it will take X time, and I will get an updated status email when it is confirmed. I have done this twice, waiting longer than X time, to no response.

Am I entitled to a full refund (given its an EU flight)? If so, am I supposed to go through the third-party I bought it from, or do I need to go directly to the airline?

seo – How to tell Google to pick the first page instead of 2nd or 3rd page of the listing?

I have a classified website and it has a great traffic.
When I google for a specific term that is related to my site I saw that my site appears in search results
but google is picking the 5th page of the related category.

eg :

But I want google to pick the first page of my category. Because the first page is the page where the latest listing can be seen.

How to achieve that?

Is it necessary to test a TDD-based API in 3rd party app like Postman?

I just finished my TDD-based REST API. And I would like to use Postman to document it for the frontend team until I realized it has its own test script. Now I’m wondering, is it necessary to double test it?

security – Could an application capture and log a user’s actions on another 3rd party software. If yes, how?

Could an application be built such that it could track a user’s actions on a particular software and log them?
For example, could an application track a user’s actions on MS Word, noting down when the user clicked a particular button?

The question is asked assuming, our application has no access to the code of the 3rd party software.

How to get 3rd and 4th IMEI number for an android using ADB command?

I am using service call iphonesubinfo 3 i32 1 to get the 2nd IMEI number. I want to get 3rd and 4th number for quad sim phone. How to get that using adb shell command?