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64 bit – ZIP64 in Windows 32 bits

We want to include a ZIP64 functionality in our application, for which we use the DotNetZip library.

Are 32-bit systems compatible with ZIP64 formats, or can problems arise?

I can not really find anything on the Internet and unfortunately I do not have a 32-bit machine available.

3 i 2012, rm

BlackHatKings: Proxy Lists
Posted by: ThomasLound
Time of publication: June 30, 2019 at 1:53 p.m.

os – Android 32 and 64 bits: how to know before buying a phone

I've been looking for Android versions of 32 or 64 bits for phones. It seems to me that the information about the number of bits of the Android version installed is always missing in the specifications of the phones, unlike what happens with the CPU. In Google, the ways I have found to understand if a phone has a 32-bit or a 64-bit operating system include doing something with the phone, such as searching for the kernel version or downloading an application, such as AIDA64.

How can I know if a phone I want to buy will come with a 32-bit or 64-bit Android? before I buy it? It would be interesting to find a friendly layman criterion or resource that allows me to know this in advance, especially to be able to see the cheapest phones that run a 64-bit Android.

Installation problem MySQL Server 8.0.16 in Win 32 bits

My question is the following. I'm trying to install MySQL server 8.0.16 on a 32-bit machine and I'm unable.
The mysql installer community indicates this: "Windows (x86, 64-bit), ZIP Archive 8.0.16" after hours of desperation I think I understand that it only means that it installs you on a 64-bit machine but in the Program Files folder (x86)

I do not know if someone can clarify this doubt or if you know any solution to install this version in x32

My tests have been:
 – Installation of virtual machine w7 x86
 – Installation in pc of w7 x86
 – Installation in virtual machine w10 x86
 – Use the zip package of MySQL Installer and run mysql.exe (which already indicates that it is not valid for the selected platform)

The evidence is clear but I would like someone to confirm me.
Greetings and thank you,

adb – Android TV 32: 9 screen stretches

We have a TV box MX10 Android 8.1, which supports 4K resolution.

It works perfectly on a 16: 9 screen. (A).

Now we wanted to connect it to a 32: 9 screen and it's shown stretched horizontally (SECOND). Apparently, it does not automatically change to a resolution of 32: 9. None of the resolutions in the menu is 32: 9, so it may not detect it automatically.

Then we try to force it through adb: adb shell wm size 3840x1080.

When we are connected to a 16: 9 screen, we have black bands at the top and bottom (DO), then a resolution of 32: 9 appears; but when it connects to a 32: 9 screen, instead of covering the entire screen, it is stretched only horizontally, so we see the black bands at the top and bottom, and the screen stretches (RE).

Visual representation of the four cases.

I suspect that this adb command does not really change the resolution, but falsifies it in its natural resolution and fills it with black, so we get a resolution of 32: 9 on a black of 16: 9, and this black of 16: 9 it is shown in a) a 16: 9 monitor and it looks good, b) a 32: 9 monitor and it stretches horizontally.


a) Is there a way to force a resolution?

b) Can you recommend an Android TV box that supports a resolution of 32: 9?

Thank you.

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