grub2 – Boot problem with Ubuntu 21.04

I understand that Ubuntu has admitted and is working on a fix for a boot problem on 21.04.
How long is the fix likely to be ready? Its all very frustrating and time consuming.
Is there any interim, temporary fix other than installing a previous version like 20.04?

On startup I’m presented with the EFI Boot icon and the dropdown Network selection, but the EFI Boot arrow is frozen, so no access, other than choosing the network. But then nothing further as both the mouse and keyboard are then also frozen.

So I decided to totally erase the SSD, having a clean start from which to reinstall 21.04. It appeared to install OK but the same boot problem prevailed! Ugh!

Fortunately I have a back-up of my previous work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated?

need helpto install gnome 40 on kubuntu 21.04

I want to install gnome 40 on my Kubuntu 40 . i have try to seaech on google but i don’t found the way . Is there any way install gnome 40 on kubuntu 21.04?

broadcom – How do I install wireless adapter for ubuntu 21.04 on Macbook pro 2019

I’m new to these forums and am a super noob to linux/ubuntu (I’m not sure how to do most things yet) and I’m having trouble finding help for this problem I’m having.

In the settings it’s showing “No Wireless adapter found”. I’m dual booting from my Macbook pro 2019 13.3 in with touch bar.

I’ve searched for previous solutions to this problem but none seem to work in my case. I ran sudo apt-get install --reinstall bcmwl-kernel-source and rebooted but it didn’t work. (I’m currently on ethernet direct connection but would like to move to wireless)

When running lspci -nn -d 14e4: I get:

01:00.0 Network controller (0280): Broadcom Inc. and subsidiaries BCM4377b Wireless Network Adapter (14e4:4488) (rev 04)

How exactly do I go about installing the proper drivers for my wireless network adapter?

I’d be happy to provide more information or run any commands if need be.

App launcher bar display after upgrading to ubuntu 21.04 painfully slow

I’ve noticed the app icons take several minutes or more to display in Ubuntu 21.04. Was instantaneous in Ubuntu 20.10. Clicking settings speeds display. One suggestion was removing TLP (power management of some kind). How should one resolve this issue?

gnome – What are the steps to run Wayland on 21.04 with nVIDIA?

The settings I adapted are:

options nvidia_drm modeset=1

ensure #WaylandEnable=false is commented in:

comment all lines with # in:


check (output should be wayland):

My experience with Wayland:

Matlab and VMWare Workstation Player complain about missing OpenGL hardware acceleration. But overall I am very happy with Wayland. No special tricks needed for many applications like Spotify and Matlab which previously did not scale in Xorg. With Wayland Matlab scales perfectly out of the box. Also resume from suspend to RAM now works for the first time on this laptop. Though it takes 1 minute 45 seconds from power button to lock screen. VLC full screen also works great, previously not possible in Xorg.

Waiting for nVIDA 470 series to have OpenGL hardware acceleration…

Up to now I only have one issue: connecting an external monitor to the HDMI connector freezes Ubuntu completely. Nothing is shown on the external monitor and power button hard reset is the only option.

Is there some configuration required for this?

21.04 okay if boot from bios?

On my System76 ratel pro (bought in 2015) the command:
dmesg | grep "EFI v"
produces no output (whereas on my galago pro laptop the same query gives me v2.60). I read that this means the ratel boots from BIOS rather than UEFI.
Does this imply that the shim bug that is discouraging upgrades from 20.10 to 21.04 does not apply here and I can go ahead and upgrade?

Severe internet problems after upgrade to 21.04

Ever since I have upgraded to Ubuntu 21.04, I have had severe internet problems. They never happened before I upgraded, and had only started during the upgrade.

What’s worse is that this problem gets worse every day, and I don’t know what type of Wifi card I have. I just know it’s a Ubit card that supports linux.

What’s even worse is the fact that, my internet doesn’t work at all anymore in Windows.

So basically, every 5 minutes or so, my internet goes out and I have to reconnect like 3 times which already takes like 5 minutes. Not only that, but it’s slowed from 80MB/S to 300KB/S when it is connected.

Rebooting keeps it on for around 2 hours but it’s still extremely slow. Sometimes it also randomly gives me that 2 hour thing, and thats when it gets so severe that I’m reconnecting 8 to 10 times. But it’s still extremely slow, and disconnects when I’m loading something internet heavy.

And no, I am not on a limited/metered connection.

software installation – upgrade 20.10 to 21.04 interrupted

While upgrading from ubuntu 20.10 to ubuntu 21.04(hirsute), the upgrading failed in the middle of the process. I have forwarded the errors to the Hirsute team. Will, I received information on how to continue with the installation? I got the Hirsute ‘logo’ and appears that only works fine the programs based on python3.9 as for example IDLE3.9 for python. Spider worked fine with ubuntu 20.10. Now it does not.

Getting a Wiimote working on Ubuntu 20.10 or 21.04 with keys mapped

I am trying to get a Wiimote working with Ubuntu, but I need to have keys mapped to my liking.
The software language I am using does not recognise non-standard keys easily – that includes up arrow etc

I am following instructions on the lifewire website, link here:

Now because of wayland release, and there seems to be new ways they handle the wiimote in linux combined with me never having used a wiimote before, progress is slow.

Except for where the bluetooth was broken, all the computers paired easily. When I opened a spreadsheet or editor. The wiimote up, down, left and right arrows would move the cursor without a problem. Other buttons not having an effect. So this seemed to work out of the box.

But I need to map the keys to simple keyboard equivalents. So I followed the procedure on the above website and here are the fruits of my labor.

Ubuntu 20.04.2

On a 10 year old HP(x64), also on regular desktop(x64)

when I get to:
Sudo apt install wminput

error message
E: Unable to locate package wminput

so failed here

Ubuntu 20.10

On a raspberry pi400(ARM) when I try to run

sudo wminput -c /etc/cwiid/wminput/gamepad

I get the error:
Segmentation fault

so failed here

Ubuntu 21.04 (wayland)

On both a raspberry pi400(ARM) and on an old HP(x64) I got the same outcome

When trying to run:
sudo wminput -c /etc/cwiid/wminput/gamepad

I got the error message:
ImportError: /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/ undefined symbol: PyVarObject_CallFunction

so failed here

On an ACER ES13(x64),
it would not recognise any bluetooth devices. Seems bluetooth is broken so non starter(unknown reason)

On a raspberry PI OS, and also when I tried to run wmgui I got unexpected write errors. So no joy here.

I need this to work on Ubuntu 21.04 or 20.10, whatever takes less work. Maybe this will work with some emulator games out of the box and without problems, as the arrows work in a text editor out of the box.

How can I get my custom key maps working? I think I need to run sudo wminput -c /etc/cwiid/wminput/gamepad without errors after editing the file on the above website.

The wiimote has the power button and 10 other buttons.
If I could get the 10 buttons mapped to A, B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I J it would be great.


tomcat – Tomcat9 not starting after installation on Ubuntu 21.04

I installed Tomcat 9 using sudo apt-get install tomcat9 then de-installed tomcat9 using sudo apt-get --purge remove tomcat9. I then proceeded to reinstall tomcat9 using the apt-get install command. After the re-installation Tomcat did not start, so I tried to start it using sudo service tomcat9 start and found the following error in /var/log/tomcat/catalina.out:

[2021-04-26 16:21:21] [info] /usr/libexec/tomcat9/ 25: exec: /usr/share/tomcat9/bin/ not found.

Please assist.