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Review: Frantech/BuyVM VPS. Migration From NY OVZ 128 MB to KVM Slice 512 MB (January 2021)

I signed up with Frantech/BuyVM for the NY OVZ 128 MB VPS during 2014. I have very little knowledge of Linux Server Administration or "Harde… | Read the rest of

usa – Can I make a leisure trip to California (vacation) in the current covid-19 situation as of 2021?

I am planning a vacation trip out of state to California, found a deal that will work for the president day trip but then there was this warning to check the california travel rules]1 updated as of Jan 6, 2021. That link says

  1. Non-essential travelers from other states or countries are strongly discouraged from entering California, and should adhere to
    the quarantine procedures set forth in Paragraph 3.

And then para 3 basically says that you should quarantine yourself for 10 days when you arrive in or return to california.

My question is, can I take a leisure travel to california by Air out of state? Will my quarantine be mandated? Since I will be travelling for few days, my trip would be useless if I had to quarentine myself. What is sane advice that I should take? How much of risk I am putting myself and others in the current covid-19 situation?

Medieval Samurai | Photoshop 2021 Composition Tutorial

Medieval Samurai | Photoshop 2021 Composition Tutorial

How important are plain text emails in 2021?

When sending email from an application (for example during user registration, booking confirmation, and account alerts), is it important to also send a plain text version?

My understanding is that plain text email was popular among users in the years past since it used less bandwidth and was therefore faster to load on slow internet connections. Therefore all important email communication was sent out in a plain text version (along with the HTML version).

When sending important emails to users in 2021, is it still recommended to also send a copy in plain text?

Note: an easy answer would be “yes”, simply because it’s the safest thing to do. But I wonder if any users these days lack the bandwidth to download and read an HTML email? And therefore is the plain text version really necessary?

Guest Post: How to Succeed and Expand as a Business in 2021 by Dustin Cisneros, CEO of RackNerd

Continuing our Opinion-Editorial and Guest Article Series, today we are talking about how to succeed and expand in the new year as a business. Seeing that a good part of the LEB community are business owners or entrepreneurs themselves, we hope that you’ll be able to take home some valuable insights from this article.

Looking for a VPS for your business or your idea? Be sure to check out RackNerd’s exclusive LEB offers by clicking here.

With 2020 changing the entire global economy, only those who were creative, and nimble enough to pivot, while maintaining a customer-service approach were able to survive or even turn it into a better condition for themselves. To expand further on this subject we are talking to Dustin B. Cisneros, a 13-year hosting industry veteran, who currently serves as RackNerd’s CEO to get his thoughts on this subject. In 2020, Dustin led the growth of RackNerd’s new office space expansion, spearheaded the growth of his hosting company to 15 (fifteen!) additional datacenter locations, all while hiring more local talent. In a year where a lot of businesses were focused on cutting back, RackNerd had its focus and dedication towards expansion and did a fine job at executing growth. Dustin’s company is an exemplary example of how it is very much possible to be successful even in these new times that we live in, as long as you’re willing to put in the effort and operate with the right information.

So what can you do to expand and ensure your business continues to prosper and stay relevant? Here are some important key points:

  1. Promote, and then some more! Promotion is key to expansion. How can you get your brand more attention? Is it more marketing, more collaboration or perhaps investing in building out a productive, and structured sales team? And start thinking, how can you keep attention in the noisy and evolving world that we live in? Who really is your competition anyway? I’ll tell you what is – the media, the news outlets, Instagram, videos on TikTok, COVID-19, lockdowns/country shutdowns, protests, stock market… just to name a few trends in the past year. You are competing for attention against all this noise and outbreak going on around us. If you don’t have a customer’s full attention, how can you expect for them to transact and exchange with you? I want you to get your wheels spinning and start getting creative, and ask yourself, how can you not only get, but maintain attention in your marketplace?
  2. Focus on creating a new tomorrow. What you did in the past may have worked at the time, but might not tomorrow. Be willing to let go of fixed ideas or considerations. For example, try a new sales approach, or try a new marketing approach – while keeping an open mind. What other ways can you increase your value delivery to your customers? Previous considerations that you previously completely disregarded or ignored in the past, may just be what will take your business to the next level in 2021. 
  3. Absolutely no job is beneath you. As a business owner, you should be willing to get on the front lines, and communicate with your customers to find out their needs and wants. Don’t hesitate to get your hands busy – after all, you might just learn a thing or two about your business. Stay in communication with your company – that includes your customers, your vendors, your partners, and your team.
  4. Be ready to pivot. In 2020 after COVID-19 hit, only businesses who were willing and creative enough to pivot quickly were able to succeed and come out on the other side of this. Whether you realize it or not – COVID-19 forced people to pivot and change the way they normally do things – not just businesses, but people! Don’t be afraid to embrace new ways, and invest in increasing your knowledge and creativity. That way, when a particular area is forced to pivot, you may just be ahead of the game already, or if not – you’ll at least be able to quickly pivot to your surroundings, and move forward as a business. Don’t forget, you are responsible for creating your own success and outcome!
  5. Never lower your target. Write down your goals every day, and don’t hold back! Ever see someone set a resolution for New Year’s, only to not follow through on them a couple of months into the new year? The biggest reason why one loses motivation is that their goals and targets are not large enough, and/or justification was made to lower the target. For example, is it your goal this year to add $2 million a year in revenue? In this example, you should then make it your goal to add $20 million a year in revenue and never lower the efforts required to reach that target. Now is not the time for negative doubts, thinking impossible, or emotions – set giant targets, and start taking action, while maintaining maximum discipline and following the other key points I mentioned in my previous guest post. As the old saying goes, “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss it, you will land among the stars.” Give this a shot today, and keep at it, you’ll surprise yourself when you’re working to your maximum potential!

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, own a small business, or are seeking personal and professional growth, feel free to e-mail me at or connect with me on LinkedIn if there’s anything I can help with. If you’re local in Southern California, please feel free to visit our office space – I am always happy to connect!

Let’s crush 2021 together!

Editor’s Note: The opinions and context above are solely those of the author, Dustin Cisneros of RackNerd, and do not represent the opinions, values, or positions of LowEndBox. If you or your company would like to take part in a Guest Post, Interview, or Op-Ed, please contact the LowEndBox administration on our Help Desk. 


I’m Andrew, techno polymath and long-time LowEndTalk community Moderator. My technical interests include all things Unix, perl, python, shell scripting, and relational database systems. I enjoy writing technical articles here on LowEndBox to help people get more out of their VPSes.

Microsoft Zero-Day Fixed in January 2021 Patch Tuesday Update

If you’ve not already updated, it’s probably worth gritting your teeth and running the update.

A Disc Camera likely to be usable in 2021

I have some Disc Film in the fridge that I would like to use, that I got from a film lot.

It seems unlikely that anything amazing will come out of it, but experimenting is part of my process and some recent results look really cool.

I found a lab that processes it, but I don’t own a Disc camera. They seem to cost a dime a dozen on second-hand marketplaces, however, I recall from using one in the past that the batteries are usually not removable by the user, to save space and make a thin camera (they are welded inside the body) – and therefore, batteries from this period might have ran out of juice or become damaged if I just bought any such model.

Given that over 30 different manufacturers made cameras that use disc film, I wonder if some of them were smart enough to design them to use regular, removable batteries.

These types of cameras are very under-documented across the internet.

Are there Disc film cameras that use regular removable batteries?