Windows Server 2019 Audio only works with remote connection

I am currently trying to set up a live stream on a remote server. This server doesn't have a sound card or anything, so right now I only get sound when I use my own sound card on another PC. The problem is that I only get sound on the live stream when I remote control this server, but then when I stop the remote connection the sound is no longer on the live stream. As an example, I start Windows Media Player with some music during remote control. I transmit it with obs and the music is there. Then I close the remote control and now the sound is no longer there. When I reconnect, I get a message that the audio device was disconnected. It makes sense, but how can I have sounds afterwards too?

To simulate sound, I tried various things like VB-Audio Virtual Cable, e2eSoft VSC, Virtual Audio Cable and some others, but they don't seem to work in Windows Server 2019. When I install them, they are in device manager, but I can't configure them in Nowhere and I can't use them anywhere as audio output. I tried many different programs, but they are all outdated and not working.

So does anyone have an idea, how to solve this and with what? Thanks to all the responses.

GET – Ezra Firestone – Smart Traffic Live 2019 |

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Ezra Firestone – Smart Traffic Live 2019


3-day virtual summit
Do you have a traffic plan for 2020?
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Q&A Hearing
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– Throughout the event, we will answer your questions about the content and answer them LIVE on the air.


GET – Tony Folly – Ecommerce Masterclass: How to Build an Online Business 2019 |

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Tony Folly – Ecommerce Masterclass: How to Build an Online Business 2019


Welcome to "E-Commerce Masterclass: How to Build an Online Business 2019"

Attention: Future entrepreneurs looking to build their empire online!

Are you ready to learn the proven system for building tremendously profitable online businesses with eCommerce mentor Tony Folly!

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Jason Stone @millionaire_mentor "How to Build an Online Business 2019"

This e-commerce workshop was created for aspiring and established e-commerce entrepreneurs looking to receive information on proven strategies and tactics needed to launch and grow a successful e-commerce business online.

“It was a very fun and very informative event. In fact, I also made some friends, which was amazing … I will definitely attend the next one! "- Jason Righty

Sure, not all stories will unfold exactly like Shannon's. But he got to work learning from successful e-commerce stars like Gretta, and he got to work taking action on that learning and really starting an e-commerce business.

This guide is our effort to condense those lessons into an easy-to-navigate, step-by-step workbook for anyone to shoot at any time. You just need to show up with the elbow grease.
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This guide will come in handy if …


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Dan Lok – Instagram Secret 2019


When you get the official recording of the Instagram secrets taught by Dan Lok and Blake, you will discover:

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Any reason not to use nginx (free) to load the balance of Exchange 2019?

I have prototype load balancing on my Exchange 2019 mailbox servers (2 servers in one DAG) using the free nginx edition using streaming capability. I am aware that this is only a Layer 4 solution and therefore does not terminate the connection or perform any traffic inspection. I agree with this limitation. However, some colleagues have advised against the use of nginx, but have no reason to offer that it is not "free nginx does not work with Exchange" (which is at least somewhat bogus). Will I have problems in the future? Should i use haproxy or Kemp LoadBalancer? My main priority is stability / reliability. Well I guess my top priority is price (I have little or no budget for this).

NTFS Long Path does not work for Windows 10, Server 2019

We have enabled the GPO "Long Paths" for all our servers and clients on the network. However, when copying files from the network to the local drive or from one share to another, we constantly receive failed files due to "File names too long"

Is there still a 256 character limit even when long routes are enabled? How can I solve this problem?

Copy fails

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Hyphenmax – Invisible Drop Shipping 2019


Some of the inner wonders

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Live webinars and a mountain of training.

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sharepoint enterprise – SP2010 – 2019 How can I put a hyperlink based on the user input of that field or another field?

I can't figure out how to create an item that takes a user-entered ticket number and concatenates that with the URL to create a hyperlink to the ticket in the ticket system.

User enters ticket # 123456

Ticket system URL: https: //Ticket/Display.html? Id = <ticket#>

The best answer would hide this url and allow users to click 12345 number and open the website to that ticket.

Other options???

I am going back to Sharepoint and this server will update to SP2019 in the next few months so I need the solution to be simple 🙂 and I need it to survive the updates (2010> 2013> 2016> 2019).

Sign the assembly (key.snk) OR (key.pfs) in VS 2019 for SharePoint 2019

I migrated my solution SP2016 to SP2019. I recompiled all the solutions in VS2019 and signed them by following the Project Properties -> Signature Tab -> check the assembly checkbox and create a new strong name key file. My question is: what is the strong name key file extension? Should i use key.snk (as it was before in VS2017) Or should I use key.pfs What is the correct extension for VS2019?

ssis: installation of Oracle 32 or 64 bit on a Windows Server 2019 to import data on a SQL server and use with Power BI

Good morning everyone,

First time posting, so I apologize if I make mistakes.

I'm an Oracle newbie and I'm really struggling with this 32 and 64 bit business concept with Oracle.

All I really want to do is import data daily from an Oracle 12c DW to a local SQL Server 2019 and then plug Power BI on top.

The reason is that we are looking to exit Oracle and enter SQL server and I need PoC.

So far I've looked high and low and can't seem to figure out WHAT TO INSTALL to access WHAT in Oracle.

All I really need, if I understand correctly, is to install an Oracle CLIENT to be able to use SSIS to build my ETL routines. BUT when I install a 32 bit client it says it needs a 64 bit client and when I install a 64 bit client it says it wants an ODAC. I also installed it and still had no success.

It is also difficult for me to understand what folder level enters the PATH in the system environment variables.
It is very complicated compared to SQL server, so you could really use your help in following questions.

  1. Since SSMS is 32-bit, can I install 32-bit oracle client and ODAC? If so, what software do I download and install? I can't tell the difference between xcopy and other versions (and can you tell me how to update the path?)

  2. Do I need to install x64 bit since I am on a 64 bit workstation? If so, again, what software do I download?

My ultimate goal is to be able
– Connect to ORACLE using SQL SERVER SSIS and import data daily through ETL routines
– As a temporary backup, also connect to ORACLE using Power BI.

Any help and advice greatly appreciated.

Thank you