2016 – How to avoid creating a task item when the value in the Date column is a holiday

One option could be to use column validation, however, it could be difficult to define a formula for "vacations"
Another option could be to create an event receiver in ItemAdding, where you can verify the date with a SP list that defines the start and end dates of the holidays (or a similar configuration)

How to add an editable Access desktop database to SharePoint Server 2016

I'm a college summer intern at a government agency, I'm sorry if this presents itself as a silly question or if I do not seem very knowledgeable, but our team of maybe 10 people currently uses an Excel spreadsheet to store records of the submitted forms by contractors, and to save time and facilitate the entry of records, I made a very simple Access desktop database, with 5 identical forms to enter / edit records for the years 2015-2019 and five tables for records go after of being entered in the form.

My boss and I were very happy with the Access database I made, and it worked perfectly the entire time I was using it. The problem comes when I try to upload the Access database file to our Sharepoint 2016 server. When I click on our old Excel document, or any other word or PowerPoint file, I can edit them as I please and then click in save and synchronize automatically with sharepoint. However, with my database access desktop, just download the file on the computer of the person who clicked on the link and then not only must edit it, but save it on your computer and reload it in a shared point to be able to save the changes.

I've been looking for answers all over the web, and it seems that Microsoft has removed Access web applications, so when you click on the database it automatically downloads the file, instead of opening it in the browser as it does with Excel and Word, etc.

Since I'm working in government, I do not have admin privileges or anything on our SharePoint server, and I can not even add SharePoint access applications if they still exist (I have no idea), but I'm pretty sure it has to be a way to have a collaborative database on our SharePoint server, so that we can all enter and edit / add when necessary.

I was hoping that someone would accurately describe what I have to do, since I've only had this job for about a month and I'm still getting used to sharepoint / database / SQL. All I need is a way to get my Access Desktop database on our sharepoint server where all the other collaboration documents are located, and have the ability to edit from sharepoint, without having to download and reload the database. Desktop data every time. Thank you very much in advance!

[ Politics ] Open question: Why did Wisconsin vote for Trump in 2016 but vote as a Democrat in 2018?

[ Politics ] Open question: Why did Wisconsin vote for Trump in 2016 but vote as a Democrat in 2018? .

Create, read and update from the SQL table to the local SharePoint 2016?

Ultimately, I would like to create an external list that can be customized (that is, partly columns of a SQL table and partly native SharePoint columns).

BCS is not an option because it would not allow me to create additional columns in an "external" SharePoint list. I am a beginner programmer, but I am looking to create a BDC model or some type of SharePoint add-on in VS to complete the SQL data in a custom SP list.

Is there code that exists for this? Or some method that already exists and that can guide me? I am at a loss after numerous attempts and I would appreciate the help.

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php – Laravel is not creating User- 2016 youtube video

Hello coders of the world.
I'm in part 3 of this series of videos about creating a social network.
Network in PHP with laravel framework.

video link -> https://youtu.be/hJIc9lVTJj4
I will be so appreciative of any help

My code dosent works. here is the error
Symfony  Component  Debug  Exception  FatalThrowableError (E_ERROR)
Class & # 39; application  User & # 39; Not found

Here is the php function to register.

        public function postSingUp (Request $ request)
$ email = $ request["email"];
$ name = $ request["nombre"];

// make the pasword hash to keep it securely
$ password = bcrypt ($ request["password"]);

// create a new instance of the object in the database
$ user = new user ();

// we fill the parameters of the new user
$ user-> email = $ email;
$ user-> name = $ name;
$ user-> password = $ password;

$ user-> save (); // we save the new user

return redirect () -> back (); // we go back to the dashboard

Access 2016 IIF (more than 2 conditions)

I need help, I need correction in the code below. I have 3 conditions that must be met. If the 3 are met, then give me the word "Active", if not, give me the word "Inactive"
Expr1: IIf ([Master COA STATUS]= "Active" AND [Active / Inactive]= "Active" AND [Paylocity and GL DEPT]= "Active", "Active", "Inactive")

NINTEX Loop workflow and loopback after a SharePoint 2016 condition is met

I am currently creating a Nintex workflow for a SharePoint task list that sends a notification between specific date ranges, that is. If the due date of a task is longer than 4 months, a reminder notification is sent monthly. If the due date is less than 4 months but greater than 1 month, another notification is sent every 2 weeks, and if the due date is less than one month but more than a week, a notification is sent weekly.

After each notification, there is a pause to wait for the work to complete.

All that is configured in a series of loops. My problem is finding an exit to the loop.

What I need to figure out is how to make the workflow verify while it is in the loop if the job is completed if the job is completed. Exit the loop if the job is completed, sending a notification that the job has been completed.

Within Nintex, I'm not sure what action the item will monitor and, once the task changes, end the cycle and send a notification that the task has been completed.

Any help would be great.

Thank you!

Database of content in SharePoint 2016 Online

No … you can not create the content database in Sharepoint online

The reason why SPO is the SAAS service in the cloud and you will not have control over which collection of sites goes where. Internally, you will create a content database for the collection of sites that you create or store in dB already created.

I'm not sure why you need it … if you can explain the reason behind doing this, there might be another way to do it.

Availability Groups: Error in the WSFC function when applying SQL 2016 CU7 in a multi-instance SQL environment

Please advise about the following error:

Cluster resource & # 39; AG1_NAME & # 39; of type & # 39; SQL Server Availability Group & # 39; in the grouped function & # 39; AG1_NAME & # 39; failed & # 39;

According to the failure policies for the resource and the function, the cluster service can try to put the resource online in this node or move the group to another node in the cluster and then restart it. Check the resource and group status using Failover Cluster Manager or the Windows PowerShell Get-ClusterResource cmdlet.


AG1: (Primary = SRV01 DEV1, Secondary = SRV02 DEV1, SRV03 DEV1)
AG2: (Primary = SRV02 DEV2, Secondary = SRV03 DEV2, SRV01 DEV2)

The error occurred when updating the AG2 replicas with SQL SERVER 2016 SP2 CU7 which was SQL Server 2016 SP2 CU4.

Updating the order as follows, and there was no error during the update of the assistant

  1. Put the failover in manual in SRV01 DEV2
  2. Updated SRV01 DEV2A WSFC error (mentioned above) was noticed here
  3. Set the failover to Auto in SRV01 DEV2
  4. Put the failover in manual in SRV03 DEV2
  5. Updated SRV03 DEV2
  6. Set the failover to Auto in SRV03 DEV2
  7. Manual failure from SRV02 DEV2 (Primary) a SRV03 DEV2
  8. Updated SRV02 DEV2
  9. Manual of return to SRV02 DEV2 (Primary) of SRV03 DEV2

It is normal to update the second instance of SQL Server, the first instance is interrupted while the server participates in the Availability Groups, or we must follow a particular method in this case to avoid any errors as such.

Fortunately, in particular AG1 and all the WSFC resources worked normally when I look back immediately (after the error) in the WSFC Administrator Functions page. also PowerShell Get-ClusterResource. but I'm worried about the production update and future updates. Any suggestion would be appreciable. Thank you!