SharePoint 2013 JQuery: set the text field in the selection of the choice field and prepend with timestamp

You can use the following code which provides results as based on choice selection update description column: use sp service and jquery.


Note: In the code above, create a variable and build a string as per your need, like date and value in choice by username, then pass that variable (replace liHtml) in . val (its variable)

For more details, see the following article:

Using SPServices to query a list in SharePoint 2010

Approach 2:

We can implement the above using the simple SharePoint designer list level workflow, we just need to build a chain as per your need and use the update field value action, we can update the choice selection based on the value of the text column.

Sharepoint 2013 content link does not appear when entered for specific characters

So, in the Content of my site, I have a Content where I add links that appear on my home page. When adding a new link / item, it asks me to enter a "Link Name" and a link URL. The link name is the text that appears on my home page. For some reason, certain link names don't appear if they start with a certain character like T or V.

Example: when I enter a link name & # 39; Test & # 39; or & # 39; Tango & # 39 ;, does not appear. But if I add like & # 39;. Test & # 39; or & # 39; C-Test & # 39 ;, appears.

Some clue?

Thank you

How do I connect a LG 4K Ultrafine display to a MacBook Pro in late 2013?

I tried using a Thunderbolt 3 connection to Thunderbolt 2, but the LG screen is still black. The LG monitor appears on my screens as connected when I enter the MacBook Pro screen, but I can't see anything on the LG monitor.

2013 – SP2013: after going from http to https, search shows no results

I went from http to https using certificates, alternative access mapping and IIS module "URL Rewrite" (using these links: Configure SSL for SP2013 and IIS URL rewrite)
But since then my search app has some issues.

What do I have

When I'm on my sandbox site, I try to retrieve some documents like test.xlsx or with the title "XXX_Test" by typing "test" in the search bar.
It redirects me to " 3A% 2F% 2FmyWebApplication% 2MyDomain% 2Ecom% 2Fsites% 2FMySiteCollection & k = test "

And I got no results, with the message "There are no items matching your search. Tips: Please try another spelling, etc."

What did I do

Before all of this, I have taken some steps to redirect from http to https. My alternate access assignments are well redirected, https works. Only the search does not.

What did I try?

  1. First, identify if the search services are ok:

To verify that Search Services is working and running, I did the following: go to Central Administration (which remains in http) > Application Management> Manage Service Application> Search Service Application, then I click on "Result Sources" and "Add a Results Source", and then I just click on "Start Query Builder".
When I'm in it, I simply replace {searchTerm} with "test" and hit the "test query" button. My query returns all documents called test_Smtg.doc / xlsx etc … and all documents and folders that contain "test" in their title.

  1. Try something in the url:
    I said earlier that the search bar was sent to " 3A% 2F% 2FmyWebApplication% 2MyDomain% 2Ecom% 2Fsites% 2FMySiteCollection & k = test "

Here, I think https is essential. I tried to remove the s from the url parameter. like the following:
" 3A% 2F% 2FmyWebApplication% 2MyDomain% 2Ecom% 2Fsites% 2FMySiteCollection & k = test "

And … I got the correct results.

  1. Check in CA:

So I thought maybe my problem came from the Content Source!
I go back to Central Administration to check if my https site is taken into account in the content source of local SharePoint sites:
Content sources> SharePoint local sites> Start addresses:

It's good !

So I don't know what to do to make my search work …

What do I ask you?

Do you have any idea how I could change my search settings to take SSL into account? ?

I'm pretty stumped, because I have to press https in the production environment very soon, and I don't know if everything will be fine until then …

(TL; DR) – After changing various settings (IIS bindings, SP Alternate Access Mappings and IIS URL rewriting) to redirect all my web apps from http to https, my search doesn't work when searching httpS site collections. However, it works on http.

Thank you very much for your time and patience!

2013 – SharePoint Powershell Search: header / footer search or job search that appears more than once

So I've been trying to investigate this, but still haven't been able to find an answer.

I am required to search all "unofficial" documents on our website. This tag is normally used in the header or footer. Unfortunately, we have not been using Metadata to capture this information, therefore I want to do a search to be able to add metadata (classifications) to documents.

I'm looking for a way to complete a SharePoint 2013 search using Power Shell, but I just want to display the results of the keyword found in the header / footer of a document or if that keyword appears more than 2 times in the document.

IE: I want to find all the documents that contain "unofficial" in the document header or footer. If this cannot be accomplished then I need to show all results where "unofficial" appears at least twice in the document.

I hope what I'm trying to accomplish makes sense.

2013 – Expired Workflow Manager Certificates

OK, you have encountered the same problem I had before, with WFM you need to replace certificates before they expire.
You also can:

1. Rebuild the WFM server farm with new certificates and use the DR Restore method to get the data from the previous WFM server farm.

2. do a little trick
Basically you need a third (intermediate) certificate that will be valid covering your old and new certificate. No one will roll back the certificate for you. But you can trick the system with a self-signed certificate that you create on a machine with the clock turned back. (note that I used that method only in the quality control system, for PROD I would go with option 1)

The problem with Workflow Manager 2013 is that you cannot update the certificate if it has expired. You must do this before it expires. So here is how you can do it. I have done it this way:

  1. Move the clock back on the server and create a new self-signed certificate that covers the old and new certificate.
  2. The time on the server will be synchronized, so you will need to change it again.
  3. Change the time (in time before the original certificate expires) and update the Workflow Manager certificate to self-signed.
  4. Wait time synchronization and now change the certificate to your new certificate

SP 2013 – What is the correct syntax to add the results of 2 or more If statements?

I want to create a "scorecard" in which the user simply selects "yes" or "no" for each field in the list. Then I want to assign a point value to "yes" or "no values" and add the point values ​​in a calculated field called Total.

The "No" values ​​are always zero (0). Here is one of my many iterations, all of which fail:
= (IF ((CEU Completion QTR 1) = "yes", 5.0)) +
(IF ((CEU Completion QTR 2) = "yes", 5,0))

The (CEU Completion QTR 1) and (CEU Completion QTR 2) fields are Yes / No fields (check box). There are other fields, but solving them will give me an idea of ​​how to add the other fields. I know there is a limit of 7 nested fields. I have 14 fields that I need to assign a point value to and add them to for a grand total, so I should avoid more than 7 nested If statements: advice appreciated.

Email: Outlook 2013 "Sender is in … Address Book" rule breaks all subsequent rules

Using the Outlook 2013 desktop app on Windows 10 with an Exchange server. I'm trying to create rules that sort emails into folders based, among other things, on the sender. Once upon a time I put lists of people directly into the rules, but I started getting errors saying I had too many rules.

Then I realized that you can supposedly use a "sender is in … address book" rule as a condition, so I set up custom contact lists in my email account with the desired names, and pointed them out the rules . I thought this was working, until recently I noticed that some of my rules were not working. I narrowed it down to these address book conditions: Any rule that follows an address book check on another rule doesn't run automatically (running all rules manually works fine).

I have tried all kinds of things:

  • Delete and recreate the rules, including the use of / cleanrules.

  • Delete and recreate contact lists.

  • Disable the use of contact lists as address books, then remove all address books from the account settings list (I'm not sure why they still appeared) and then re-enable them.

  • Repair account and .ost file.

Any ideas why this doesn't work? Does the function just break in Outlook 2013?

PS The way I understood this was to have a rule that marks items sent from me as read, and then send me emails.

2013 – How to embed a list from another SharePoint?

I am trying to embed the list content into a SharePoint page that is stored in a separate SP within our company. The goal is to create a centralized dashboard for reps to see various dynamic tasks that need to be completed (assigned to the group) and that are currently in several different SPs. I am creating a page to extract the content from the lists stored in these various SPs; That way, all tasks will be displayed on one page, rather than having representatives visit 5 different SPs.

I've found some potential workarounds that make it seem really simple to do this, but assume you're pulling out of subsites or a subsite, and encourage the use of content web queries or data view elements.

Currently, I have extracted the pages from the SPs and embedded using the PagePart Web Viewer as a workaround for now, but that is far from ideal.

What is the best method to achieve this? Help me Obi-wan Kenobi. . .

SharePoint 2016 – Updating MySite from SharePoint 2013 – wrong URL

I completed an attached db upgrade from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint 2016. I updated the My Site host URL in SharePoint 2016 UPS My Site to the new site collection, but Newsfeed, Onedrive and Sites still point to the SharePoint URL 2013.


URL of my SharePoint 2013 site:
My SharePoint 2016 site URL:

Note: At the read permission level of My SharePoint 2016 site, I can add users, click OK, but show "Exact match not found. Click unsolved items for more options" Same Behavior with the secondary owner in cleaning my site.

Also, my employee directory shows results from 0 people in SharePoint 2016.

Any ideas on what I missed after updating My Sites in SharePoint 2016.