Platform Sharepoint 2010 Designer workflows needs to convert the platform Sharepoint 2013

We have like 50+ SharePoint designer workflows and migrated to sharepoint online. When i open the workflows in designer 2013 it shows the platform type as sharepoint platform 2010.

Now as newly announced the from Nov 1st onward there is no workflow run of platform 2010.

So can anyone suggest me the good way how to change the workflows from Sharepoint platform 2010 to Sharepoint platform 2013. I know the architecture is different. but still tried the below scenarios

I tried exporting the visio and importing still it shows 2010
I tried copy the actions from 2010 to 2013 still didn’t worked.

Please suggest me the best, easy and quick conversion of these workflows.

Appreciated for your help…!!!


audio – Late 2013 RMBP switches to SCO(very poor quality) codec when using earbuds microphone

It switches back to AAC once I pick the internal microphone as an input.

Does this mean that the bluetooth version is too old to handle both audio input and output with the earbuds? If so, can a bluetooth 5.0 replacement for the network card be purchased somewhere?

Based on the system report, my current bluetooth is 4.0 (0x6).

The earbuds are Samsung Galaxy Buds+

They work nicely on my iPhone X.

Upgrading and hybridizing a broken SharePoint 2013 installation

I’m currently working on a roadmap to update our botched SP 2013 installation to SP 2019 Hybrid.

The installation contains a large number of non-critical SharePoint solutions as well as a number of critical 2013 and 2010 workflows that we are mostly not able to edit or recreate because my predecessor did not demand the source code from the implementation company and our 2010 workflows are not editable with SharePoint Designer because they were deployed as solutions.

I’m unsure about the logical first step for this project.
Would it be better to first upgrade to SP 2019 (and probably break most of the workflows because of hardcoded version dependencies, etc.) or implement hybrid first, move the critical sites to the cloud, recreate workflows in MS Flows and upgrade after that?

display – How to use iMac (27-inch, Late 2013) as a second monitor for Macbook Pro (13-inch, 2020)?

I bought Thunderbolt 3 (USB-c) to Thunderbolt 2 by Apple and Thunderbolt Cable (0,5m). Cmd+F2 doesn’t work for me. I guess it’s just because Apple now prevents to use old iMacs as monitor with new Macbooks. So my question mainly is there any other non-conventional way to use my iMac as a monitor with my new Macbook?
What if I run Windows in my old iMac? Would it be easier to connect it as a monitor to new Macbook?

2013 – Store and connect to Outlook PST files in SharePoint

I’m in a large organization and the organization is moving away from local shared folders. In the past, users were able to create Outlook PST files and store them on network folders (shared drives). Users would then connect and use their files PST files within Outlook by providing the network path to the file. Since users do no have an incredibly large amount of space on the exchange server they would make use of PST files to store and archive mail. With shared folders (shared drives) becoming a thing of the past we are left to look for other alternative means of storing and archiving mail.

Enter SharePoint.

It has been decided that we will be keeping our on-prem SharePoint 2013 Server. We do have the capability to increase the size of our SQL Server to handle the influx of emails and files that did reside on the shared folders but are now expected to reside within SharePoint. We will obviously need a more specific SharePoint governance plan, but there’s a technical hurdle: Outlook cannot connect to PST files when it believes those files reside on an internet space.

Our on-prem SharePoint server is our intranet. I created a mapped drive to a location on our intranet had been attempting to direct Outlook to connect to the PST file at that location (Explorer view –> Map network drive to the location) but when I attempted to connected to the PST file I received this message: “You cannot use an Internet address here. Enter a path that points to a location on your computer or on the network.” The location is mapped to F: on my local machine.

So I have some questions…

Is it possible (via 3rd party software or administration magic) to place a PST file within a SharePoint document library and to open that PST file within Outlook from that location?

We don’t currently implement MySites, but will likely have to implement them in the future. Would a better solution be for users to store their mail into a document library within their MySites?

Or, is SharePoint just the wrong tool for the job and we should plead to have our network folders returned?

Any input would be helpful. If this is not making sense and if you have any questions, please ask. I’m at the planning stage right now and I’m looking for ideas.

Thanks in advance for your help.


2013 – Duplicate or Copy publishing pages (Pages document library)

I have taken a look into the Mavention Duplicate Page (no-code Sandboxed WSP) link.

Found out that there is only a js file inside. Tried putting the content of the js file into a script editor webpart in my Pages document library and it’s working.

Actually there is no need to deploy the wsp into solution gallery.

enter image description here

eval(function(p, a, c, k, e, d) {
e = function(c) {
    return (c < a ? '' : e(parseInt(c / a))) + ((c = c % a) > 35 ? String.fromCharCode(c + 29) : c.toString(36))
if (!''.replace(/^/, String)) {
    while (c--) {
        d(e(c)) = k(c) || e(c)
    k = (function(e) {
        return d(e)
    e = function() {
        return '\w+'
    c = 1
while (c--) {
    if (k(c)) {
        p = p.replace(new RegExp('\b' + e(c) + '\b', 'g'), k(c))
return p
}('(2(){I(L(h)==='D'||h===16){n}h.e(2(){0 v=2(){0 5={};5.U='w';5.V=Q;5.E={};5.E.P=2(1){n A(1)};I(L(G)!=='D'){G.19.12(5)}};0 A=2(1){0 c=13(1);11(1,2(){0 6=p 10(c+'-r');q(1,6);6.Y()});0 7=();7.e('<s Z='+14(c+'-15')+' 1a="t-u-r t-u-X">');7.e(17(1,1.8,1.1b));7.e('</s>');n w.W(c,7.T(''))};0 q=2(1,6){R(1,6);0 S=1.8;6.18(p 1w({1E:'o',1F:2(1G,1D){0 l=3.4.i.1C('1y f...',1z);0 9=1.8.x.1A('.y',p 1B().1H('1I')+'.y');0 j=3.1Q.1c();0 z=j.1O();0 d=z.1P(1.8.x);d.1N();d.1J(9);d.1K();j.1L(F.O(H,2(B,m){3.4.i.C(l);0 b=3.4.g.J('o f:','1M 1x 1j 1k: <a 1l="'+9+'">'+9+"</a>",k);3.4.g.K(b,'1i');0 M={'1h':1,'1d':k};1e(M,3.4.1f.1g)}),F.O(H,2(B,m){3.4.i.C(l);0 b=3.4.g.J('o f:','1m 1n 1t 1u 1v 1s 1r 1o f: <N>'+m.1p()+'</N>',k);3.4.g.K(b,'1q')}))}}))};v()})})();', 62, 115, 'var|renderCtx|function|SP|UI|templateOverride|calloutActionMenu|ecbMarkup|CurrentItem|path||sid|calloutID|file|push|page|Status|_spBodyOnLoadFunctions|Notify|context|true|nid|eventArgs|return|Duplicate|new|calloutOnPostRenderCustomTemplate|actions|span|js|callout|registerDuplicatePageAction|Callout|FileRef|aspx|web|calloutRenderCustomFooterTemplate|sender|removeNotification|undefined|Templates|Function|SPClientTemplates|this|if|addStatus|setStatusPriColor|typeof|evtAjax|em|createDelegate|Footer|850|CalloutOnPostRenderTemplate|listItem|join|BaseViewID|ListTemplateType|GenerateDefaultFooter|ecbActionDownArrow|render|id|CalloutActionMenu|AddPostRenderCallback|RegisterTemplateOverrides|GetCalloutElementIDFromRenderCtx|StAttrQuote|ecbMenu|null|RenderECBinline|addAction|TemplateManager|class|CurrentFieldSchema|get_current|csrAjaxRefresh|AJAXRefreshView|DialogResult|OK|currentCtx|green|duplicated|as|href|The|following|the|get_message|red|duplicating|while|error|has|occured|CalloutAction|successfully|Copying|false|replace|Date|addNotification|action|text|onClickCallback|event|format|yyyyMMddHHmmss|copyTo|undoCheckOut|executeQueryAsync|Page|checkOut|get_web|getFileByServerRelativeUrl|ClientContext'.split('|'), 0, {}))

2013 – Javascript : Retrieve an item value from SP List

Before explaining my problem, I give you the context.

I’ve made an first page that will display a “Marquee” message (message that will scroll horizontally).

I would like to make possible to edit the “Marquee message” from an another page.
So, I’ve created an other page with a textarea and a button.
When I write a text and click on the button, an item is created in a list called “MarqueeList”.

That list contain only the last message that we create : my script delete all the items before add a new one.

My problem is that I would to get that message item, using a script from the page that contain the marquee, and store it into a variable.

I’ve tried many and any script, but it doesn’t work.

If someone could help me, or advise me to the good way?

Thanks a lot

SharePoint Designer 2013 403 Forbidden when connecting to SharePoint Online


I have a new laptop to which I downloaded SharePoint Designer 2013. I am getting a 403 forbidden when trying to open a site from the new computer but when trying to access the sites from my old computer with an SharePoint Designer 2013, I am granted access. In the new download on the new computer, my account is set to the same account as the old instance. I am a global admin. Our sites are classic sites right now until we develop in modern team sites and communications sites, so that is not the issue. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


2013 – Provided certificate is not valid for encryption/decryption

I am getting this Cert error in code, i installed the SSL Cert in IIS and MMC
Provided certificate is not valid for encryption/decryption. There may be insufficient permissions to its private key in the windows certificate store or the certificate itself may not have the correct purposes. If you only want to use it for signing, set the Use property to Signing (CertificateUse.Signing). at sender, EventArgs e)
at System.Web.UI.Control.OnLoad(EventArgs e)
at SIMAH.Common.BaseClass.Base.OnLoad(EventArgs e)

sharepoint 2013 – Approve a custom nintex workflow task programmatically

I am trying to approve a nintex task using C#. I am unfortunately unable to do it.

I tried with a SharePoint REST API to approve a task. The task gets successfully approved but there is a column named outcome that doesn’t get updated and that is the column used by nintex form in order to perform the approval. When i check the list settings there exists no such column. I wrote an utility to read all the columns belonging to a list and failed to get any such column.

This explains that the value to set outstanding tasks to is to use ‘Approved’ or ‘Rejected’ for approval tasks, and ‘Continue’ for other task types.explains that Then I did a bit more research on that to found that there exist a nintex api.

I then, found that approval can be performed using nintex API
This API works well if we execute using the current approver credentials only.

Unfortunately, I need to execute the code using a service account due to design constraints. Now if I try to trigger the API then I always get an error as invalid user.

Is there any other way we can approve/reject a nintex workflow task ?