web analysis: Powershell script for SharePoint 2010 site collection Top visitor report

At this time of Site Collection Analytics: top visitor report, we are obtaining only 2000 users, there should be more than 2000 users. how can we get all the users that have accessed during the last year.

Can we do this by using the sharepoint power shell command or script to obtain the Excel Visitor / File Report for the SharePoint 2010 Site Usage Analysis Service?

list: SharePoint Workflow 2010 creates folders intermittently on the SharePoint 2016 site

I have a workflow that generates folders in a separate document library based on the information in a task list. I have allowed it to be started manually and when a task is created. However, in certain tasks, the workflow appears with an error:

enter the description of the image here

I have tried to edit it in several different ways, in vain. Apparently it makes no sense in which he does not believe, there is no obvious similarity that may be causing the error between the elements.

Does anyone know a particular reason why this could be happening?

2010 – Determine if we are patched for all security updates

For an Intranet site, SharePoint Foundation 2010 is used. The people who managed it went to another company and we have a patch-level audit next week.
The current person who manages it has never managed SharePoint before and is trying to help. According to him, 14.0.7241.5000 is the version of SharePoint.dll and 14.0.7175.5000 is the version of farm compilation from the PowerShell command Get-SPVersion.BuildVersion

According to the SharePoint patches, https://sharepointupdates.com/Patches build 14.0.7241.5000 is the latest security patch.

I told them that the "Manage patch status" page in the central administrator can check the patch status on different servers, but others are concerned
as 14.0.7175.5000 is the farm build version that is for KB3118391 released in December 2016.

  1. Should we worry since 14.0.7175.5000 is the farm build version that is for KB3118391 released in December 2016?

  2. Or do we agree since 14.0.7241.5000 is the version of SharePoint.dll?

  3. What should we verify to ensure that SharePoint servers are patched?

Thank you

worksheet function: Excel 2010 formula for unique number and text

I had the following formula working by counting unique reference numbers that at that time were 122345 numbers, however, I have updated the reference to 122345 MCA054 and the formula no longer works. Can anyone advise what formula should be changed to please

= SUM (- (FREQUENCY (H2: H58, H2: H58)> 0))

Thank you

SharePoint update from 2010 to 2013 – The organization / organization chart browser is missing

I updated SharePoint 2010 to 2013 and the organization chart / organization browser no longer appears on MySite. Or when you click on a user (the people search web part successfully implemented) you are forwarded to the SharePoint 2010 environment. How would you implement the Organization Browser? Would it appear on users' MySites and send it to the SharePoint 2013 environment?

Sharepoint 2010 service accounts migrate from the wizard configuration

The original configuration was done with the wizard and the NetworkService account was being used. I have set up a new Domain SP_Farm account that works like the Farm account (all permissions are good and the site works)

When I try to change the web application group account of the network service to SP_AppPool, my sites ask users for their username and password. I verified all appropriate group permissions within the local Sharepoint server groups and everything is as it should be based on other publications.

When I verify the IIS administrator, I see that the web application group is set to SP_AppPool.

I think the problem is with access to the database or with some permissions related to the execution of IIS / write access

apart, I don't have an SP_Admin account configuration. but currently I can access the Administration Center through two other methods (one on the local machine and one through the client's computer in the domain).

Any help is really appreciated.

SharePoint 2010 approval workflow: Get a Confirm button instead of an Approve button

Any idea why the "Approve" button in an approval workflow is changed to the "Confirm" button? Instead of the usual Approve and Reject buttons, I get the Confirm and Reject buttons for this particular workflow. This is an approval task. I am not sure why you are changing to Confirm. There are no custom InfoPath rules or custom scripts. This is a fairly basic workflow, but I don't want to have to recreate it.

Thank you.

SharePoint 2010 list: permissions vary for users

To allow "contribute – not delete", you just need to create a custom permission level and assign that permission level to that user for the specific list (or at the site level).

Unfortunately, SharePoint does not have column-level security, so there is no integrated way to grant a user edit access to some columns in a list while blocking other columns. As your question alludes, you can ensure that the user does not have editing privileges for the list in question, then create a separate list with only the fields that the user needs to be able to modify and give the user their personalized contribution "no – delete "permission level on that list. Then, create a SharePoint Designer workflow in both lists (a separate copy of the workflow for each list) that is activated in the creation / modification / deletion of items that copies the values ​​from one list to the other.

The user profile synchronization service does not start for sharepoint 2010

We have a clone of sharepoint clones, in which the system administrator made a clone of the sharepoint application server, but we quickly removed the newly cloned server and configured CA to another application server, as it stopped working and the user profile and the search service also stopped working. Now CA is working on the second application server and I have successfully created UPS, but the user profile synchronization service does not start and in the ULS viewer I receive the following entries:

The synchronization database was not previously initialized. Export the encryption key of the registration key to the database

ILM configuration: the ExportMiisEncryptionKey process completed

SetupSynchronizationService :: Sync DB failover Check ::
databaseServerMiis = raqmanspdb01

SetupSynchronizationService :: Sync DB failover Check ::
originalSyncConnectionString = Data
Source = raqmanspdb01 mssqlspdb; Initial
Catalog = UPSSyncDBNew2020; Integrated security = True; Enlist = False; Connect
Waiting time = 15

SetupSynchronizationService :: Sync DB failover Check ::
originalSyncConnectionDataSource = raqmanspdb01 mssqlspdb

SetupSynchronizationService :: Sync DB failover Check :: new
data source string in the connection object = raqmanspdb01 mssqlspdb

UserProfileApplication.SynchronizeMIIS: Start the configuration for & # 39; User Profile
New service2020 & # 39 ;.

ILM configuration: XML file configuration.

ILM configuration: checking the existing FIM database.

ILM configuration: database creation.

User profile application: synchronization of profile property display completed
names for the language lcid = & # 39; 1033 & # 39 ;.

ILM configuration: certificate configuration.

ILM configuration: registry key configuration.

ILM configuration: file permission settings.

ILM configuration: opening firewall ports.

ILM configuration: start of services.

ILM configuration: post configuration configuration.

I verified that the spfarm account has permission Replicate Chanes directories in our AD, according to the previous ULS registry, what else should I examine