20.04 – Installing python 2 deb packages locally in a single project

I am struggling with cutting off python 2 functionalities from ubuntu 20. I have a project that porting to python 3 may take a lot of time so i have to use ubuntu 18 packages to satisfy its module imports/dependencies. Unfortunately installing those packages with apt install ./old-deb-package.deb isn’t an option because it wants to downgrade or remove some already installed packages.

Is there a way to install or attach somehow those packages locally to one project only so they would be a part of it, not part of the whole system?

I tried to do it brute force just unpacking .debs to a single directory inside the project and adding entries to import path variable alongside with LD_LIBRARY_PATH but it still is missing some internal modules like for example for glib it cannot import _glib.

20.04 – Icon Theme isn’t applied for snap packages

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package management – Ubuntu Software Center (“Software” program) and “Snap Store” missing on fresh Ubuntu 20.04 install (& can’t install *.deb files from GUI file manager)

For some reason, both my Ubuntu Software Center (now simply called “Software”) and the Snap Store weren’t present on my Fresh Ubuntu 20.04 install. To install them, simply run the following two commands:

sudo apt install gnome-software  # "Software"
snap install snap-store          # Snap Store

Here’s what their icons look like now when I press the Super key (Windows key on a PC keyboard, or Command key on a Mac running Linux), then search for them:

Ubuntu Software Center (now just called “Software”):

enter image description here

Ubuntu “Snap Store”:

enter image description here

Now, to install a *.deb file using the GUI file manager, such as nautilus (default), or nemo (my preferred choice), simply right-click the *.deb file and go to –> Properties –> “Opens With” tab –> select “Software Install” (which is now available since you just installed gnome-software) –> and click “Set as default” –> Close.

enter image description here

Now you can just double-click the *.deb file in your GUI file manager to install it!

Note: you might also consider trying the gdebi package installer, as described here: Problem installing .deb in Software Install Ubuntu 20.04. Apparently, in some cases where the “Software Install” GUI option fails, and you would have to otherwise manually run sudo dpkg -i myfile.deb to install the *.deb file, the “GDebi Package Installer” GUI option works.

Other references:

  1. This answer helped me identify the existence of gnome-software and the snap-store: Ubuntu Software doesn’t open in Ubuntu 20.04

Installing Eclipse C/C++ Ubuntu 20.04

looking to download the Eclipse CDT (IDE for C/C++)
but seems its currently unavailable for Ubuntu 20.04 in the apt package manager

looked for snaps and flatpaks , could not find any solutions there (they have only the Java IDE)
thinking about downloading the ‘tar.gz’ file but afraid that there would be dependencies issues, and the uninstallion would be hard

any help on how to go about this?

Can not disable screen locking after suspend in 20.04

I updated from 18.04 to 20.04 and since then unable to disable lock screen, despite it was disabled in 18.04. Corresponding setting in the gui does not take effect, so does gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.screensaver lock-enabled false or xset s off. I also tried sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm3 (the setting was sddm, and i changed it to gdm3) with the same effect.

After suspension i get picture with purple fossa and password field. My session is gnome-flashback metacity.

However once this lock screen stopped to appear, but at the same time the system started to enter suspend mode randomly and quite often. After rebooting the lock screens came back.

Also the sound volume is set to “mute” sometimes after suspend.

How can i disable such lock screen?

Thanks in advance.

journalctl -xe starting at the beginning of suspension (unfortunately it is in part in russian and this site treats it as spam) : https://gist.github.com/dining-philosopher/14dcc6b9cc58d0dc0923d11d699696ae

No sound in (connected) bluetooth earphones 20.04

My bluetooth earphones are connected to my device but the sound is coming from the speakers. I set the output device to “bluetooth earphones”, installed blueman, but it doesn’t work. I managed to get the right output in a video played by vlc though. Also, the system sounds (volume indicator -little sound played when volume up-, alert sound) outputs to my earphones.
Everything works fine in Manjaro though.

How can I get this basic functionality to work ?

Ros Melodic on 20.04

04 that is just installed. I install it to use Ros but now I learn that on 20.04 Ros Melodic is not able to be used so how can I turn it into 18.04 or how can I fix it?

repository – Ubuntu 20.04 , flooded with Sophos Antivurus alert while installing msf

Help me out here. Actually, I was installing Metasploit-framework on Ubuntu using its official repository but during the unpacking of the MSF package, Sophos Anti-virus flooded my screen with virus-alerts. You can see the screenshots below.

enter image description here

Official msf repo

enter image description here

And after successful installation, I was trying to run msfconsole but Sophos Antivirus didn’t allow it to run.

Also getting this error in terminal-

Operation not permitted @ rb_sysopen - /opt/metasploit-framework/embedded/lib/ruby/gems/2.6.0/gems/metasploit-payloads-1.4.4/data/android/apk/AndroidManifest.xml (Errno::EPERM)

Cannot navigate on desktop Files by keyboard arrows in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

I Cannot navigate on desktop Files by keyboard arrows in Ubuntu 20.04.

Windows 10 2004 error saving passwords

after the win10 2004 update I got this behaviour:
seems that all the ‘microsoft’ programs and some other doesnt’ save the user passwords:

  • visual studio 2009, every time I open it show me to sign in: I do and the next time I need to resign in;
  • Sql server management studio: doesn’t save the server passwod (I checked ‘remember password’);
  • Microsoft office: same behaviour of visual studio;
  • Google Chrome: each time I launch I need to re do the access (to sync);

any ideas?