How to resolve the JS knockout error in Magento 2

After the implementation GST Rule I am faced with the following error in the Summary page of the payment request.

knockout.js: 2405 Error not detected: the link "if:
function () {return ifShowValue () && ifShowDetails ()} "
Message: Unable to process link "foreach: function () {return getDetails ()}"
Message: Unable to process link "foreach: function () {return rates}"
Message: Unable to process link "if: function () {return $ index () == 0}"
Message: The closing comment tag can not be found to match: ko if: $ parents[1].is calculated ()

Crackdown 1 and 2

Crackdown 1 & 2 is available in the xbox one store for free downloads. Both games. Compatible with previous versions.

icloud: two Apple IDs registered on Apple servers and one local iPad 2 [Reworded]

I bought an iPad blocked in the cloud that was stolen from the garbage center in Denmark. Honestly, I did not know that I had been robbed and cheated. (The seller did not even say that they are blocked from iCloud)

I jailbreak and delete Accounts sqlite database. The old Apple ID was deleted locally, but not on Apple servers. (I was told, but logically it could not be removed from Apple's servers)

Then it was this login form as if I had closed the session normally, I logged in, it was like 2 minutes of waiting (it seemed a bit too much, as if it did not work), but surprisingly it worked and I can see the iPad in my find my page from ipad Location services are disabled, so I can not trace your location.

But since the activation lock is obtained from Apple's remote servers (or from the local account data?), What would happen when I reset the ipad? I do not want it, since I do not want to get the activation lock of the previous account for which I do not know the password.

How can we restrict the location in the shipping method using Magento 2?

I am trying to limit the access of shipping methods to various places.

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admin – Magento 2: the stock status of the product is not automatically updated from Out of stock to In stock

I have a pending problem in the update of the stock of the administration product Exhausted to In stock in Magento 2.3.1

I have quantity of product 0 that time automatically updated the state of the stock In stock to Exhausted. But after adding the amount more than 0 and save the product, the stock status can not be updated Exhausted to In stock.

Any help will appreciate. Thank you.

javascript – Reference not detected Error: Mini is not defined in (index): 993 – Tienda magento 2

How can I track and correct this error for my store magento 2?

Reference error not detected: Mini is not defined in (index): 993

I can not find the following code in my Magento administrator. is not in the header, footer, script sections, or Google Api for analysis is enabled.

Magento 2 how to create unique time selector

I know that Magento provides features such as Single Time Picker:
enter the description of the image here

How to do it? I have found how to create a date selector and a date and time selector. But for my task, I should create a single time selector …

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Theory of groups: permutation number of S4 as a product of two separate cycles each of length 2

There was a problem of finding out the number of permutations of order 2 in S4.

There are two cases.

Case 1

Single cycle permutation of length 2.


permutations of two separate cycles each of length 2.

For case 1 total number of permutations will be $ frac {4P2} {2} = 6 $

and these permutations are $ (1 2), (1 3), (1 4), (2 3), (2 4), (3 4) $

For case 2 total number of permutations will be $ frac {4P2} {2} times frac {2P2} {2} = 6 times1 = 6 $

But The permutations of two separate cycles each of length 2 are
$ (12) (34), (13) (24), (14) (23) $

this is clearly 3 and not 6.

I'm sure I'm making some kind of mistake finding the number of permutations in case-2.

Please help.