Donald Trump's IQ is 156. What is your IQ, liberals?

Is it on the Stanford-Binet or Cattell scale? As a member of Mensa, I am aware that there are different indicators of intelligence quotients. Are you?

In any case, my personal experience with Donald Trump has led me to believe that his scores would be significantly lower on any scale, and his performance as president suggests that he would reach less than one hundred in either. So, if you are going to affirm the opposite, especially since the only obvious genius of man is to lie, you need to give me a source for this obviously dubious statement.

For Mensa's rating, Stanford Binet's score is 132 and Cattrell's 148. The idea that Donald Trump achieved any of those levels is absurd.

Liberals, how does it make you feel that Donald Trump was the best of its kind in Wharton's economy and has an IQ of 156?

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