capacity planning – Media Server hardware requirements for 1000 users

We need an on-premise server that stores static video files and streams them to students.

The resolution for files is 480p, cause students will use mostly phones to watch videos.

The codec is H265 to decrease network traffic and because videos would be updated just twice a year, the conversion speed is not very important.

Don’t worry about network bandwidth, for now we will have approximately 500 concurrent users. And estimating for future there could be 1000 concurrent users at max. So 1000*480p/hevc/24fps is 1gbs network. Our ISP could provide 2gbs network.

The server won’t be used as archive storage for videos. There will be placed videos currently used for this semester. So I think, 1 TB of drive space would be enough.

The main question is about CPU, RAM, and disks.

Will this server be enough?

CPU: 2x Xeon Bronze 3204 1.9G, 6C/6T

RAM: 8x 8Gb 3200MT/s

Disk: 4x 480GB SSD SATA Read Intensive 6Gbps RAID10

python – Converting Integers to roman between 1 and 1000

Below is my code for the problem:

ItoR = {
1: 'I',
4: 'IV',
5: 'V',
9: 'IX',
10: 'X',
40: 'XL',
50: 'L',
90: 'XC',
100: 'C',
400: 'CD',
500: 'D',
900: 'CM',
1000: 'M'

def convertItoR(number):
    number_str = str(number)
    number_len = len(number_str)

    rom_str = ''
    for i in range(number_len):
        # Extracting the digit
        digit = int(number_str(i))
        position = number_len - i - 1
        num_pos = digit * 10 ** position


        # Converting digit to roman string
        if num_pos in ItoR.keys():
            rom_str += ItoR(num_pos)

        elif digit > 1 and digit < 4:
            first = 1 * 10 ** position
            rom_str += ItoR(first) * digit
        elif digit > 5 and digit < 9:
            first = 1 * 10 ** position
            fifth = 5 * 10 ** position
            rom_str += ItoR(fifth) + ItoR(first) * (digit - 5) 


    return rom_str

Can it be optimized?

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router – Why gigabit LAN speed variating from 1000 Mbit/s to 100 Mbit/s


  • I have a ISP fiber plan at home for 120mbps
  • It is connected to PON of RouterA
  • RouterA LAN1 is connected to a PC (where based on
    observation always has 1000Mbit/s)
  • RouterA WLAN is enabled RouterA
  • LAN2 is connected to RouterB WAN

I personally crimp the cable using T-568B on both ends (RouterA LAN1, RouterB WAN). There are times that I saw the RouterA LAN1 speed at 1000Mbit/s. My goal of course is to get that 1000Mbit/s. I tried to recrimped the cable several times, I saw it going 1000Mbit/s and going down to 100Mbit/s again. I’m not sure if there would be other reason aside from the CAT6e cable. Or does it goes down to 100Mbit/s if WLAN and LAN1 clients on RouterA needs higher demand?

RouterA: Huawei HG8245H

RouterB: Asus AX3000

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privacy – How many people would need to answer a survey of 1000 questions before the aggregate data from the survey is sufficiently anonymous?

Websites release statistics on their user base all the time and it’s not considered a breach of privacy because their user bases are so large that it’s impossible to pick apart who thinks or watches what. Additionally when nations or states or counties release election results it is impossible to figure out who voted for what even if the county has a miniscule population.

To be clear if the population is 1 then the results are never anonymous, and the more people there are the harder it is to see who answered what. Assuming that we know everyone in the voting pool.

But let’s say a survey with 1000 yes or no questions is released to all the residents of a county and when the survey was over results were shown which were based on a system of 1 for yes answers and 0 for no answers giving you totals for each question.

Do the more detailed results make it easier to piece together who said yes or no to what?

And if so how many people would need to answer the survey before the results were completely anonymous? Or sufficiently anonymous?

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enter image description here]1 how to open ports on my ubuntu server 18.04

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