SWF / HTML generated by Indesign is not displayed in the browser

I'll start with a disclaimer: I'm a print-based graphic designer with a little knowledge of HTML / CSS.

I maintain the website for my company, but I have been forced to use this horrible creator of GoDaddy websites and one of its fearsome themes. I have tried to convince my boss to allow me to create a new page from scratch, without using the stupid webmaster, without success, so I am working with this. This is probably a factor in the problem I am experiencing.

They asked me to take a printed document that I created and have it displayed in the browser with page change effects. That's pretty easy to do in InDesign: it's exported as .SWF and .HTML. records. I can open the HTML in any browser. The SWF will not open unless you open it in an Adobe program, which converts it to that particular file type.

I tried uploading and linking both the HTML and the SWF to the website. The HTML shows a blank page and the SWF only downloads the file. I think I need to upload the SWF and use the HTML to show it. This is further complicated by the fact that the horrendous GoDaddy Website Builder does not have any traditional FTP, so I'm not sure how to find the location and path of the file.

Go here: https://www.nortonceilings.com/products.html (laugh at the horrible site) and click on the link "See our inspirational brochure of wood ceilings and wood walls". That is the HTML file, generated by InDesign and uploaded.

Any ideas?