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As a member of a growing community, it may seem almost impossible for you to get on board. But honestly, it is not. It only takes a bit of being outside!

Introduce you!
If you are a site owner or just a member who wants to participate in this incredible community. Then publishing an Introduction would be an excellent idea! You can briefly tell everyone who you are and what you will talk about! As it would allow members to know more about you, what can and can benefit your website if you are promoting it.
When I check the promotions directory and see someone posting a promotion for their site, but they have not posted an introduction, it's very likely that they just skip it. But why?
Because by not publishing an introduction, it shows me that you do not want to get involved with the community. Which makes me assume that you have that same kind of attitude on your site. So post an introduction and make a great first impression!

Click to start!

Add an avatar!
Even so, having predetermined avatars can be charming. It would be great if you could have yours, since avatars can describe your personality. For example, if you are a crazy psycho-in-serial killer, you would probably have skulls. My favorite part of being part of a community like Forum Promotion is looking through all the exciting avatars that everyone has! So add one … like now …

You can change or add your avatar by clicking on your username in the upper right corner and selecting an avatar, or simply click on this link> Upload your avatar!

Edit your profile!
Having a complete profile can help you in many ways, can help you find possible forums to work on, motivate other members to join your site and can help you make new friends. More friends = more love.

You can edit your profile by clicking on your username in the upper right corner and selecting the details of the person or simply click on this link> Edit your profile!

Add your signature!
Adding a signature can be an incredible way to promote and promote your site. Or promote something you believe in.

You can edit your signature by clicking on your username in the upper right corner and selecting the signature or simply click on this link> Edit your signature!

Just say hey!
Start a conversation with someone! Go to your profile and say "Hey"!

Start with me!

Read the rules and rules of the site!
It is important that you know the rules so you do not have problems with the po. > See the site guidelines here.

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