Subsequent processing: Why does not Corel Aftershot 3 open my RAW file?

Apparently (although it's not really apparent) you must first install the profile for your camera.

Here is the answer I received from the help desk:

In aftershot

go to the "Get More" tab (usually shown on the right side with an asterisk)

Camera Profiles> click on "Free" for your camera model> continue with the installation.

Before finally getting that answer, I discovered this way of obtaining this necessary download:

Go to the Corel Discovery Center website to the Aftershot Pro download page and download the AfterShot profile for your camera. If you go to the main page and type "Aftershot download" in the search, you will access the download page that is

It says for AfterShot Pro, but it worked for me for AfterShot 3, the standard version.

On that same page there is a link to your instructions once you have saved the profile. The instructions are the following:

AfterShot Pro 3 Camera Profile Installation instructions:

  1. In AfterShot Pro 3, click "File"> "Install camera …"
  2. Go to your folder of & # 39; Downloads & # 39; (or to the folder in which you saved it)
  3. Select the profile file of the camera
  4. Click on "Open"
  5. Click on "Install"
  6. When you restart, you will have support for the camera you installed.

Why does not this solution appear when looking at the AfterShot support page, I do not know.