Storing every individual update to the posts being updated over time?

Some of my posts will continue being updated over time, with new pieces of information appended. The closest real-life example I could find is this article from The Guardian. See how it mainly consists of the similar blocks sorted by time. Can I accomplish something similar with WordPress?

This will give me the flexibility to:

  • make every block have a permalink
  • make the page structure more consistent and reusable, with an ability to dynamically change the UI to table view, list view, grid view etc.
  • if a new block is added to the post as the visitor is reading it, alert them

I’m not necessarily building a news outlet though, instead as I’m researching a topic, I want to store every step as an individual building block.

  • Simply updating a post won’t work, because it doesn’t enforce the structure
  • The closest idea I came up with is to have these blocks actually be individual posts, attach them to a category, and make that category act like a post – but this seriously feels like fighting the framework

Is there a better way to do this?