Store products that appear in a php file in a .scv or a .txt separated by commas

Good morning I am doing a virtual store with php without databases and I have a problem. As you can see, I have a table with the products. Since there is no database, I have to store this data in a file as an array and I do not know how to do it. Attached code. I also use sessions in this case I am in session and that aspect does not matter. Thank you


        Accés to sessió com a javi
        <? php
// session_start ();
$ value = $ _SESSION['acces'];
if ($ _SESSION['acces']! = "2") {
// echo "No s'ha iniciat correctament aquesta sessió";
echo "No heu accedit correctament";
print '';
} else {
// echo "Value of the session: $ value
n "; // echo "Benvingut to the private page

n "; //threw out "Surt of sessió n "; ?>

XiaomisiOsi virtual store

XiaomiManda's virtual store
Product image First name Price Total units Buy unit
Xiaomi 100 10 Yes
Xiaomimi8 200 10 Yes
Xiaomimix2 300 10 Yes
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Surt of sessió