Still waiting for my first sale

This is not a niche … even the domain name looks like it could be. You are offering video cameras, televisions, clothes, movies … what is the focus? What is the added value for the visitor to buy in your store, directly on Amazon? There are around 580 products, but only 1 article under "News and Blog". And this article only offers some product descriptions. Anyone gets a better shopping experience on Amazon directly. The customers are not stupid. If they see that there is no value, move on quickly.
Nor did I understand how the city of New York (header image without any label) relates to its niche theme.
Again, this is, from my point of view, another store that demonstrates how DO NOT Use FSB as affiliate marketing software.

-> Focus on a niche
-> Start with (for example) 10 selected products with descriptions of well-rewritten products. Provide any added value for your visitors, such as tests, information, … or a blog. Make it unique! This is not done in a day.
-> Then start promoting your store and I suppose there will be sales in the future at the moment when the customer recognizes the added value.
-> Do not expect to get rich with the sales commissions.
-> Do not expect to reach the ROI for the purchase of FSB, Social Monkey, Spinner, anything else you have bought related to this within a year …

=> Review the guides in the members section (including the video section) to start over.