Status (Action required) and main actions in a big data table

Recently i started creating a big data table for a booking company. Usually I don’t really have big problems with data tables but this specific one drives me nuts.

We represent booking’s status colour and booking status. Users can control statuses (booking confirmed, booking cancelled etc) and now we need to add an action “send email”. My biggest problem is that the statuses and the action are quite connected, for example when the user will change the booking status to confirm, will need to send an email to the consumer.

I don’t want to add the action “send email” within the statuses dropdown, cause it doesn’t make sense, plus when you select a booking status the dropdown panel closes and pressing the same button again to make an action it is not ideal.

Having the “send email” action at the far right, and make that column sticky is ok-ish, but the user will need to travel all the way to the end of the screen, which is not good UX. Most of the times “Send email” will only be used once for every booking.

I am literally stuck. Any ideas please?

1st option to have the action next to the statuses

2nd option to have the action at the far right