Startup / Corruption of the file system 18.04

I think I have messed up my computer enormously. Here is a reddit thread with more information.

It is difficult to explain everything, but the thread has all the information and things of pastebin.

There is a "partition 1" that has all my settings and has been my operating system for the last month, I love it. But, he ran into many problems with the boot. I created a new partition out of frustration and I want a computer that works, but I made some corrections to the suggested redditor (updated kernel and bios) and now my new partition (it was working fine) is not recognizing. To clean my work ssd? I do not care about my things anymore, I just want a PC that works. If I delete my SSD, will not my bios and mobo things get corrupted? Should I buy a new mobo and start over? I'm quite new and I have not seen so many problems.