Starting an adult webcam business

Hi, everyone, I'm in the process of starting an online adult webcam business and I was looking for help / advice on how to do it legally. Please note that I can not do this legally in Singapore (where I am from) as it is not legal. So, am I finding a way to see if it is possible to start this online business based in some other country like the United States?

So, if we say that I form a company (LLC) in the United States, would it be considered a legal business if I executed it from there? Do I even need to start a company? I've been searching and I can not find solid answers. I have consulted with some lawyers in the USA. UU And, from what they had told me, I could register and start a business in the USA. UU And doing business legally, but I'm wondering … do I really need to register an online business for adults?

I mean, can not I just form a company in offshore countries like Belize, Panama, etc., get a merchant account and a bank account and do this business? At least that way I do not have to pay taxes. but if I form a company in the United States, I could be legally protected, since I will get a lawyer to solve all the legal documents for me, such as the following:

Privacy Policy
Terms of use
Protection of children
18 U.S.C 2257 declaration of compliance with record keeping requirements, etc., etc.

So can anyone tell me if I really need to start a business in the US? UU Or could it do it in offshore countries or what would be a better idea? Getting a lawyer to help me with the previous legal documents will cost me around $ 1500 and there are also other fees, like taxes, state filing fees, commercial license fees, etc. Therefore, any help or advice is very appreciated.

Thank you