StableHost increased customer prices without notice

When StableHost entered the scene in 2011, they had a provision in the terms of the service that established "The amount you pay for the accommodation will never increase from the date of purchase. We reserve the right to change the prices listed on, and the right to increase the amount of resources allocated to the plans at any time. "….com/terms.php

However, that talk was silently replaced in 2018, when it was sold to Miss Hosting, with something much less customer friendly:
"StableHost reserves the right to change the monthly payment amount and any other charges at any time."….com/terms.php

Then, in January 2020, they made use of the new terms. Several clients in other threads have reported an unannounced price increase of 84% – 100%.

I am no stranger to sellers who increase prices, and if the previous prices were not profitable, it is understandable that prices increase. But there is an honest way to do it. You notify customers in advance. It is not acceptable to surprise them with a higher bill. Customers with automatic payments could not even refuse the new price.

If you are considering staying with StableHost or Miss Hosting, you can reconsider.