SSTP VPN does not connect, Windows Server 2019 / Windows 10 Home

I have a machine with Windows Server 2019 running on it, where I have routing and remote access (RRAS) installed, as well as IIS (which I am currently not using). I am using self-signed certificates issued by an independent root CA that is also installed on the server. In addition to having the AC installed in Personal Y Trusted Root Certification Authorities I have the certificate requested and issued to the client, as well as the certificate issued to the server domain under Personal. On the client (Windows 10 Home), I have the root CA certificate installed under Trusted Root Certification Authorities and the client certificate installed under Personal. I do not have a way for clients to verify the revocation status of certificates, so I have the function disabled through an edition of the Registry on the client's machine.

When the client tries to connect, it displays the following error message:

A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not respond correctly after a period of time, or the established connection failed because the connected host could not respond.

I think the reason for the failure is on the server side because an error occurs (found in the Event Viewer) when I configure the SSL certificate link to the certificate issued for the server.

Configuring the SSL certificate link in the server properties in RRAS (Image)

Error shown in Event Viewer (Image)

As the image shows, the error message on the server is:

The secure socket tunnel protocol could not be configured to accept incoming connections. The detailed error message is provided below. Correct the problem and restart the SSTP service.

Access denied.

Why does this error occur? I have logged in as the administrator account built into the server, so I should not have any problem with my user privileges, but I cannot understand why it says "Access denied."

By the way, I followed this guide to configure the SSTP VPN since I am new to Windows Server and VPN.