SSL Certificates

You can also get a free ssl certificate here:

However, I would recommend reading a bit whether you should use a free certificate or not, in particular some of the answers that are provided here: -free-SSL-certificate-for-my-domain

Of note:

"From the point of view of the buyer, the value of the CA is determined considering the success of the CA in the placement of its root code (browsers and operating systems). The giant giants like Microsoft or Mozilla, make the CA go through several administrative and legal procedures before accepting the CA keys of the respective CAs in their products and definitely cost a lot of money. Now, just imagine that it will not be difficult to think that they are carrying out some other illegal activity, if all the certificates are provided free of charge."

… and keep in mind that free certificates also do it domain validation, not validation of the company and although I assume that most would not notice, I myself am a technician, if I give the details of my credit card in a site that uses a certificate from a provider with which I am not familiar, then I am skeptical in providing my data

In case I wanted to use a paid SSL, I myself use RapidSSL and I was wondering how to get them from a hosting provider; the host that I recently used added that capability and now has a wide range of SSL certificates from different providers: they are KnownHost and no, I have no affiliation with them, apart from being a long time customer.