ssh – Hot to get external host names for each internal private addresses?

My lab has a private network like this

(public address:, host name:
lab-gateway (private address:
 |__labgpu01 (private address:
 |__labgpu02 (private address:

How can I directly point to labgpu01 from public internet ?

I want to do sth like

 Host gpu01
     User remoteuser

I am not familiar with network, and I really hope somebody could help me, so I can connect my vscode to my gpuserver. 😭😭😭

I always do

localuser@local ~ $ ssh lab
remoteuser@lab-gateway ~ $ ssh labgpu01
remoteuser@labgpu01 ~ $

with .ssh/config

Host *
    AddKeysToAgent yes
Host lab
    User remoteuser

To access the gpuserver from our home, we now use ssh tunnel
ssh -L 8888:localhost:9000 -t ssh -L 9000:localhost:9000 labgpu01 and fire up a python jupyter server on the labgpu01, and access it via browser localhost:8888