SSDNODES: do not use with any application or important data

Many pejorative terms are used: "abuser", "lie", etc. Labels are normally used to group people into a category and are not seen in individual circumstances.

I appreciate that you want slightly loaded servers. Heck, I'd love to sell a service that users do not use at all. It would be very convenient. Note that you are selling servers with 16GB of memory. It takes some power to use so much memory, it's not like there's anything running should I used a lot of CPU.

I will be happy to set up a live session with you and demonstrate the application. Review all running processes and monitor the CPU when the application is running. Basically it's a REST API that transmits JSON files, maybe 20 transactions for the entire demo. Only PM to me.

Also, why not publish the CPU usage of my servers in the last 6 months? I am genuinely curious (as I never looked at the reports) and at least it would be hard data and not labels like "abuser". I suspect it will be mostly flat with some kind of recent spike when the something that was running went crazy? I could be wrong and I would be the first to admit it, if I was.

Finally, while still quoting only your final answer to the ticket and using it, call me a liar, I'll post what I can of the entire technical support conversation. Unfortunately, I'm missing some of my answers, since they were not in the email and I no longer have access to the SSDNode console, I might have lost something. Warnings: 1. I have erased any potential identification information 2. the bold text was added by me in this post to highlight certain comments and is not in the original entries 3. I am reproducing from the email because I do not have access to the web ticket sales system.

Yes, I argue and yes I am verbose, I apologize for being so verbose, I get into trouble and it's a bad habit. Maybe you could say the same about arguing.

Initial notification of suspension without prior notice. Note that the violation listed is for cryptocurrency, with no mention of CPU. Also keep in mind, this is an X-large server

This is a notification that your service has been suspended. The details of this suspension are as follows:

Product / Service: KVM – X-Large
Domain: ssdnodes-xxxxx
Quantity: xxxxx USD
Expiration date: xxxxx
Reason for suspension: Breach of TOS – Cryptocurrency application (# 1)

Contact us as soon as possible to reactivate your service.

Here is my initial entry request. At this point, I was perplexed and thought that it was possible that I had been hacked and that someone had installed a mining application on the server. Keep in mind that the sawtooth is also part of a hyperalimentator and, again, it is a chain of business blocks. It is inactive without a transaction

I'm not sure why my account is suspended or what actions are required to eliminate the suspension.

The note says that it violates the terms of service for bitcoin mining, which leads me to believe that the account was hacked because I am not mining bitcoins.

The other possibility is that the installed blockchain service (sawtooth) was collected as bitcoin mining for some reason. I hope not.

Here is the answer of SSDnodes: I have highlighted the last sentence, since it tells me that I must admit that I violated the TOS, without understanding what I did exactly. Of course I could have done it and done the easy things, admit the guilt that was not true and recover the server, but for me that is just wrong

Your server was suspended because we detected a violation of our Terms of Service (TOS). You agreed to comply with the TOS, including changes / updates that may occur, when you subscribed to the service.

Here are our TOS that you can consult.
(removed since I can not post links yet)

The use of the cryptocurrency application is against our TOS. We can suspend it for you, but after that, you must correct any violation of TOS within four hours. Make sure that crontab entries or system settings do not start software that violates our Terms of Service. If he does not, he will probably be suspended again, and that would count as a second suspension.

Keep in mind that multiple suspensions may cause our administration to terminate your service. We do not want that to happen, so we would appreciate your help to correct this situation.

If you want your server to be suspended, please respond confirming that you understand the above.

Thank you!

Here is the next response from SSDnodes after I asked for clarification. I do not have my text This is the first answer that gave me an idea of ​​what might be happening. It was not the sawtooth but the indy-node sdk that was marked. As noted, before turning this to do some quick tests and forget about it. The image of the docker was basically a Jupyter notebook connected through the sdk to indy. It is a self-contained demonstration that has no other purpose but to learn the python API. You can find the code on github. Note, there is no mention of high CPU

It seems that you are using the cryptocurrency application (INDY NODE) ​​that is against our Terms of Service that you agreed to subscribe to. Surely I can remove the server from the server. You must make sure to remove the software that violates our Terms of Service and update this ticket within 4 hours after the suspension. Let me know when I can work on this and I will go ahead and disarm the server for you.

Otherwise, the service will be suspended. Also, if the same abuse processes are executed again on your server, we will be forced to end your server without further warnings.

If you want your server to be suspended, please confirm that you understand the TOS and that you will resolve any TOS violation within 4 hours after the suspension.

My answer – the tone could have been better. Basically I am arguing that indy-node is not cyrptocurrency and also that the TOS had provisions to warn first. I assumed, based on the way this problem was reported ("INDY NODE"), that the suspension was due to some automated tool and I asked if the SSDNodes would do some research on what Indy really was. My niave assumption was that someone would investigate and agree that he was not running cryptocurrency

You need to rely less on automated tools and more on human analysis. Indy is part of the Linux Foundation's Hyperledger project. Hyperledger is a leading consortium dedicated to the development of distributed accounting technology (DLT) and is compatible with IBM. Microsoft, etc. It is focused on business applications and has nothing to do with cryptocurrency. Indy focuses specifically on digital identity on a global scale.
(link removed because I can not post links)

I am running an Indy development instance to develop and test identity applications. It is not a node and I do not think it is running, but I can not confirm it, since it took away the access to the console.

At this moment I feel that I am in a Kafka novel: admit something you did not do and promise not to do it again. All based on some kind of automated tool that probably just picked up the sdk code installed in a dockable image.

I never imagine running the production code in your service. Guilty until proven otherwise, it is not a way to run a business.

I should have warned first that my server was marked and then given an opportunity (human to human) to review the problem and discuss whether the flag was a false positive or not. There was no immediate risk requiring you to disconnect the server as a first step.

This is a bad process and I refuse to say that I violated its terms of service, just to gain access to my server.

Please re-enable my server, while this problem is under review. Thank you,

This is your first response. This is also the first time that something about the CPU is mentioned. Still, I do not know why it could not have accelerated my server and notified the problem with all the details in an initial ticket.

Your assumption that an automated process suspended your server is incorrect. I suspended it due to the high CPU usage (which affects other clients) and because, after an investigation, the software that is running is within our cryptocurrency application definition.

I am surprised that you affirm that there was no "immediate risk". How could you possibly make that judgment? You have no information about what is happening on our platform. Your server was one of the highest CPU users on our platform at the time it was suspended. We take this action to protect the quality of service received by other customers.

We are familiar with our TOS, thank you, since we apply it every day. See Clause 3 (Term and Termination) in the TOS. We have the right to terminate the service in case of default or if you do not rectify any breach at the time of notification.

We have informed you that your use of the service is not included in our AUP and we ask you to solve it. So far you have refused to do it. According to Clause 3, the next step will be that you immediately accept to rectify the infraction or your service will be canceled.

This is my last answer – phew. After this my account was deleted without further communication. I have highlighted where I agree to solve the problem. Two possibilities: 1. You did not read it. 2. You read it and you still delete my account. Yes, I'm still arguing and yes, I probably should have put my agreement first, but I really was not happy with the way the ticket was handled.

Please read the information they gave me. Start from the beginning This is the first mention of high CPU or anything else other than cryptocurrency. Throughout the process, communication has been very poor. The description – INDY NODE – in previous tickets made me believe that the process was automated, since it is a strange description without any of the details that I would expect from a manual discovery.

You are wrong about Indy having fallen into the cryptocurrency and it is unfortunate that his word seems to be the only remedy. Indy does not do any type of mining and it is only a DLT. Please, do a little more research.

It is also unfortunate that you do not see that there was a much more reasonable way to handle this problem through discussion. The assumption that you were doing something wrong has colored your actions. If I saw myself as an IT professional working on cutting edge digital identity technology for xxxxxxxx, maybe the process would have been better.

I will turn off and remove the instance of Jupyter notebook / Indy docker that seems to have created the problem. It will also search the CPU high since it is likely to be an error. None of the applications I am running should use a lot of CPU if it is idle, which is 99% of the time. It would be nice if you could give me more details about what you saw exactly, what process, CPU, memory, etc. This is where this ticket should probably have started.

Please, give me access to the image to perform these actions.