sql – Zabbix key with comma

I’m trying to create Zabbix item with key which contains commas, it results with “Too many parameters.” error. I don’t see any opportunity to get rid off comma in my key. I’ve already tried many ways of enclosing key or parts of it in quotes, double quotes etc. but nothing worked for me.
I don’t want to use “Database monitor” item type, I’d like to stay with simple “Zabbix agent”.

My key is

system.run(sqlcmd -S SERVERNAME-q "SELECT Count(Datediff(second, mail_tsinsert, mail_tsupdate)) FROM   TABLENAME WHERE Datediff(second, mail_tsinsert, mail_tsupdate) > 200")

of course I’ve changed here the servername and tablename, query likes like charm when executed in cmd.