sql server: move the FileStream data unit to a new location and enable EFS

Can any of the MS FileStream experts help me then?

I have the 5 application databases with FileStream enabled.
Actual size of ** C: for FileStream Blob data is 5 TB **

All databases have the following unit format:

Data unit – A:

Log Drive – B:

FileStream Unit – C:

Now we are enabling the Encrypted File System and part of that is Disable the current FileStream unit DO: and create a new RE: and point the data from FileStream to D: restoring a full backup.

I can point new RE: for FileStream WITH MOVE OPTION, will that work, how do we change it for the .mdf and .ldf files? Please correct me with the exact process.

Please guide me in the following steps:

  1. STOP SQL Services
  2. Change DO: name a RE:
  3. Create a new unit as DO:
  4. Enable the encrypted file system (EFS) in the current new DO:
  5. Restore full backup WITH MOTION OPTION for FileStream pointed to new DO:

Will the previous plan work? Should I enable the EFS first and then restore the DB (or) first restore the DB and then enable the EFS?

Please help me with the following key questions according to my previous thinking:

  1. How to copy the FileStream data DO: (Old) -> DO: (New)
  2. Are you changing the name of the existing drive after stopping the SQL services? How to change the name of the FileStream unit of the existing name DO:
  3. Can we backup only the data of FileSream? Are not the structured data? Possible ?
  4. How to validate the name change of DO: and the data is accurate from the original. DO: before the name change?

Also one more way of thinking:

** Full Cloning ** C: ****

  1. STOP ALL DB Services

  2. Change from SQL Server startup to Manual

  3. Clone C:

  4. Change the new name of the letter of the cloned unit to DO:

  5. Start DB servers

Will this process work? Friendly advice.

Just as we can copy the data file after stopping the SQL services, can we copy the FileSream data to a new location after stopping the DB services?