sql – separate the text of a column according to multiple delimiters?

I need to separate this value in a 'data / soft_base' field in its 3 parts:
 'data' – 'soft' – 'base'
What would be the procedure?
I'm using substring, charindex and len but I can not separate the field from the middle.

    select entrecalles,
    CASE charindex ('/', entrecalles) WHEN 0 THEN entrecalles
    ELSE LEFT (entrecalles, charindex ('/', entrecalles) - 1) END as Almacen1,

    substring (entrecalles, charindex ('/', entrecalles) +1,
    charindex ('_', entrecalles, 1)) as Warehouse2,

    replace (substring (entrecalles, charindex ('_', entrecalles,
    charindex ('/', entrecalles) +1), len (entrecalles)), '_', '') as Almacen3 from art (nolock)