spells: how much total damage is dealt in the attack scenario?

Bob the Dwarven Runesmith is preparing to deal with Gack the Orc Necromancer. Bob is on level 6 (fighter 1, transmutator 4, runesmith 1) and wears gloves and has armor tips on the armor of his chest plate. It has force 16 for a force modifier +3.

Bob wins the initiative. He throws fire leaves (quick action) on his gauntlets and armor spikes. Then defensively throws a corrosive grip (standard action) and uses the associated tactical attack to initiate an attack. Assuming that Bob hits with the tactile attack and gains control of the opposite fight, exactly how much damage does he do and from what sources? Consider the possibility of corrosive grip, blades of fire, damage of hooks, spikes of armor and bonus of strength.