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An easy way to get income equal to 150% of the deposited amount. Invest from your TRON wallet and receive payments instantly when requested!

Basically, you will receive 3% daily (0.125% hourly) until you received 150% of the invested amount. You can increase your income by 0.15% for each 24 hours when you do not request a withdrawal.
And you will also receive 0.15% for every million TRX on the balance of the smart contract.

We are accepting only TRX
Minimum deposit amount is 100 TRX
Maximum income: 150% for each deposit
Deposit included in payments
Earning in real-time!
Withdraw when you need, instantly!
Scam is impossible (read Audit Conclusion)

Referral Program – 5%-2%-1%
Payments: instant
Minimum deposit – 100 TRX
Payment systems: Tron

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18.02.19 15:39 Transfer Sent Payment: 200.00 USD to account U19222067 from U17755***. Batch: 246997269. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to User Knjaz.