sow reap – How to control in which list Sow puts elements

I am trying to collect / plant items from a list in separate sub-lists. In this toy example, I want matches in one list, probabilities in the other. But whatever the sub-list d[[1]]By chance, that sub-list comes first in the Reap output. If I wanted the peer list to come first, I have to retry and reorder the sub-lists after Reap finishes. That's not so bad when (as in the example) there are only two sub-lists, but in a bigger problem I have more than 20 attributes with the corresponding sub-lists. Is there a way to control in what order Reap puts the sub-lists?

This works but it is clumsy and inefficient:

d = RandomInteger[100, 100]; (* Synthetic data *)
r = harvest[Do[If[EvenQ[d[[i]]]Plant[d[[i]], one]Plant[d[[i]], two]], {i, 1, length[d]}]][[2]];
Yes[! EvenQ[r[[1, 1]]], r = {r[[2]], r[[1]]}]; (* Annoyed because I have to do this so that the even list comes first. *)