Some ideas to start profitable businesses.

  • Tax Preparation and Accounting

No need for expensive premises or expensive equipment, tax preparation and accounting services come with low overhead costs. In addition, the standard rate for quality tax preparers and bookkeepers is a decent living wage.

That said, if you're not good with numbers, preparing people's taxes and keeping your finances up to date, it will not be the business for you.

You do not need expensive facilities to manage your own catering business and could even operate your service from your home, keeping overhead costs to a minimum. Individuals and companies are willing to pay for quality catering services, which makes this business profitable for those who work hard and are determined to succeed. Websites have become the "window of every successful business", so designers of creative and quality websites continue to be in high demand. Once again, low expenses and high rates make web design a lucrative business, provided you have the technical and creative experience that exists. Companies are willing to invest in quality business consultants that can help them achieve the results they are looking for. They are also willing to pay large amounts for the right advice, which, coupled with low overhead costs, makes business consulting a profitable business to undertake.

Of course, effective business consultants require solid business insight and knowledge, so this is not necessarily the right opportunity for everyone.

In addition to the disbursement of your vehicle to deliver the goods, the autonomous messengers do not have large overhead costs. Obtaining lucrative contracts from major courier companies can be profitable. However, in a competitive market, obtaining lucrative contracts can be a challenge.

  • Mobile hairdressing services

Of course, you can never charge a fortune for cutting someone's hair, but that does not take away from the fact that there will always be a demand for quality hairdressers. In addition, apart from a pair of quality scissors and a bit of hair dye, if you run a mobile hairdressing salon, your commercial expenses are surprisingly low, which makes the mobile hair salon a profitable business.

Having said that, mobile hairdressers are not hard to find, so you should probably spend some money on marketing their services.

All you need to start your own cleaning business is a vacuum cleaner, a polishing floor cleaner and, preferably, a car. With comparatively low overhead, little training required and a service that is always in demand, cleaning can be a rewarding business to enter.

So, why are not everyone doing this? Well, if you're looking for a more creative way to make a living, cleaning might not be for you.

You could be a math genius, a native Spanish speaker or an ingenious guitarist. Whatever your talent, offering online tutoring can be an excellent way to earn income with exceptionally low expenses. The benefits associated with real estate are still high and, if you want to enter this industry, one of the most profitable ways to do this is to establish a real estate brokerage company.

Real estate brokers act as intermediaries between sellers and buyers, and all you need to start is a brokerage license. That said, finding your own customers can be a challenge, given the amount of real estate brokers there are.

Do you have an eye for a great logo? If so, you may be on your way to starting a business where you can charge an orderly sum without having to spend expensive overhead. Although be careful, logo design is a competitive industry, and you will have to find some unique and inspiring logos to stay on top of your trade. Do you have a spare garage or building that is not being used? If so, you may want to think about offering storage services in the warehouse. Providing a place for businesses and individuals to store goods and items can provide a highly profitable and predominantly passive income. Although it must be said, the work is not exactly stimulating and, therefore, it is not for everyone. There will always be a demand for people who are willing to clean gutters, repair chimneys or remove weeds. While the hourly rate for property maintenance may not be the highest, with low overhead and high demand, maintaining the property can be a profitable business, as long as you do not mind getting your hands dirty!

  • Technology repair services

Do you have an eye for technology and how does it work? If so, setting up your own technology repair business could see it in high demand as the world becomes increasingly dependent on technology.

Repairing the most beloved devices of people can pay well and without large overhead costs, it can be a lucrative business. Naturally, those without an ability for technology will want to stay away!

Can you imagine growing meat in the laboratory? That's what it is about. Even though this has already been done but the taste is not there yet. Using techniques that stem from stem cell technology, numerous groups of scientists have grown meat in the laboratory. The stem cells are placed on scaffolds and soaked in nutrients to grow.

People for the ethical treatment of animals (PETA) is behind the effort for laboratory meat. In 2008, the group offered a prize of $ 1 million to the first group that can grow commercially viable quantities of chicken meat in a laboratory. New Harvest is a nonprofit organization founded by Jason Matheny in 2004 to do just that.

As we become more dependent on IT to conduct business and carry out our daily lives, those who offer IT support and support are extremely sought after. Quality IT support technicians can charge a decent fee for their skills and do not require too many expenses or equipment to manage their businesses. However, IT support is a competitive industry, so you will have to market your services efficiently so that they are noticed. Companies and organizations will always want a quality marketing team behind them to increase brand awareness and deliver results. Marketing agencies can charge a lot for their services and, thanks to the advancement of remote technology and the Internet, marketing efforts can be done remotely, keeping overhead low and profits high.

Still, it must be said that marketing agencies are highly competitive and to be successful, you will have to show that you can deliver results.

Those who want to be in shape, thinner and healthier, ensure that there will always be demand for personal trainers (PT). Obtaining a qualification in personal training is not excessively expensive and once you are professionally qualified, you can offer your PT services. Overload is intrinsically low in this industry, which makes personal training a profitable and sought after business.

One of the biggest challenges facing PTs is the creation of a network of clients in a competitive environment.

Providing quality food and beverages will always be in high demand, although with high overhead costs, managing a restaurant is not always as profitable as you might think. On the other hand, serving food from a food truck requires much lower overhead and can be an extremely profitable commercial enterprise. The disadvantage is that you have to work outside a van day after day, which is not everyone's idea of ​​a rewarding business.