Software to optimize your computer's memory.

Sometimes, when working with the computer, we may notice that it stops working or becomes very slow. This may be due to a decrease in computer memory due to the high consumption of some applications, programs and processes. That gets worse with older (or less efficient) computers.

Mem Reduct is a software that works to solve that problem. It cleans the memory and reduces its consumption by programs and processes, so that the available memory increases and the computer works normally. I recommend installing Mem Reduct on computers, especially old ones.

The main Mem Reduct window shows some values ​​on the computer's memory.
I recommend adjusting some Mem Reduct settings after installation to get all the advantages of it.
Right click on the Reduce Mem icon in the taskbar. Then click on configuration to get this window:
I recommend checking all the options to make sure that Mem Reduct works with the start of the computer and to get the available updates.
Then, in the same window, click (Clean memory) on the left to get this window:
In this window, set the percentage of memory that you want Mem Reduct to begin cleaning when consumption exceeds it. (You may notice that I put it at 70%).

In addition, you can set the memory cleaning intervals. (You can see that I programmed it in 30 minutes for Mem Reduct to automatically clean the memory every 30 minutes).

To download Mem Reduct click here:

Best wishes…..