software: is there an Android application to download photos from the camera that "remembers" the photos already downloaded?

Does anyone know an Android application to download photos of DSLR or SD cards connected through OTG, which "remembers" the previously downloaded photos?

More details: on the desktop it is common for applications to download photos (such as "Image" in MacOS, Lightroom, Apple Photo, Microsoft Photo or Shotwell) to track the photos that have already been downloaded from the camera or SD card. In this way, when you reconnect the same SD card, for example, only new shots will be downloaded.

My goal: download the photos I take during an event in a folder on my smartphone (not at the end of the event!), And upload them to Lightroom mobile and work on them. I do not want to waste time copying again and again the already downloaded photos, as do the usual file manager applications.

I already found thousands of applications that allow me to copy the files I have on the SD card, I need an application with a "lean" workflow, similar to that offered by desktop applications.

Any suggestion?