software installation – installation of the application

I have some problems installing applications, for example. jdk, anaconda, ide and everything else in my Ubuntu.

After downloading these programs from the website in tar.gz format, when I extract these files, they are still in the & # 39; Download Directory & # 39;

Some of the downloaded files from & # 39; ubuntu software & # 39; or & # 39; apt-get & # 39; they are installed automatically and distributed well in the root directory, not the user. (for example, npm downloaded from apt-get is in / usr / bin /)

But if I download as in Windows, directly through the official site (such as oracle, jetbrains, anaconda), they remain in the download directory even after extracting and installing.

How can I download applications at the system level (or root level, not user level) and have them distributed correctly?