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one. Choosing a niche where you can provide content is probably the most important thing you want to brainstorm, before doing anything else. If, for example, you have chosen niche competition & # 39; earn money online & # 39; is VERY HIGH, the way to get around them is to use several long tail keywords. Always remember that you are competing with others in a niche, not against a search engine.

What is the long tail keyword? Cha EsKKKcha Es Es! Escha! EsK Es! EsK Es Es! Escha Es Es Es Es! Es EsKKcha EsK Es Es Es! Es Es Escha! Es! Es EschaKK Es Es Escha Es EsK! Es Escha Es Es EsKK Es EsK! EsK! Es EsKKcha! EschaKKcha Es EsK! Es EsK! Es! Es EschaKK Es Escha! You can easily fail if you do not start thinking like someone who is looking for content. Just put yourself in your chair and think, what are those search terms, that users could write, to find the content that HAS to offer them? What would they write? For example, they would write:

  • How many ways are there to earn money online
  • how to make easy money online
  • Where can I find books on how to earn money online?
  • download ebook make fortune online

etc …


The regular keywords would be:

  • money
  • money online
  • fast cash online

The less the words, the stronger the competition. The more words used, the highly specific users will come to you.


two. When choosing your domain name, make sure it contains your keywords. From my experience, TDL is irrelevant to SEO, I was able to overcome ANY .com .net and the .org site by doing appropriate SEO on the site and offsite. Just for the sake of the discussion, you want to play in the area & earn money online & # 39; You would want some name, that contains those words inside, for example:

  • howMake money
  • Make money

In this example, you have 3 specific keywords, which will be the best possible solution. In the absence of good domains, use 2 words:

  • earn


3. Before making the first publication, make sure you have correctly set the title and description of your wordpress. For this purpose, I would recommend All In One SEO, since it uses the title and description of wordpress. This is the third most important thing you want to pay attention to.
When putting your title and description of wordpress, do not use more than 7-8 words in the title and 20-25 words in the description. Keep it highly oriented and related to your keywords. USE THEM, USE THEM TO THEM.

Title: Earn money online using our proven technique.
Description: Making money online will be an easy task with us. We will show you that making money online can be very easy with our technique.

Therefore, the title and description must contain keywords that you use, and it will look like this in google:


KK Es Es Es Es Es!! Es Es EsK Es Es Es Es Es Es EsK Es Es Es Es Es EsK Es Es EsKK Es Es Es EsK Es EsK Escha EsK Es Es Es EsK Es Es Es Es Es EsK Es Es Escha EsK Es Es Es Es EsK Es Es Es EsKK Es Es EsK Es Es Es Es Es EsK Es Es Es Es EsKKcha Es Es!


Four. When making a new publication, pay attention to what you write and HOW you do it. Optimized SEO content is the key. But never exaggerate, just keep the optimization in mind, when you make a publication. The 100% SEO score in each publication CAN hurt you more, than keep everything on the safe side.
The most common techniques and still in use are the keywords, in the title of the publication, and then at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the content.
Never fill it in with keywords, make the sentences flow naturally. It is not necessary to use keywords in all 3 places at once. You can, occasionally, but never in each and every one of the publications.


5. Images are another way to attract traffic to your posts or blog. Always use labels and alternative descriptive titles for your images, they are your traffic magnet.
The same applies to normal keywords, only this time, think about how YOU would look for an image, not an article, and add the alt tags accordingly.

The alt and title tags can be seen in this example:
<a href = "" alt = "Some descriptive labels with keywords" title = "This will be displayed when the user hovers the mouse over the image" />


6 Keywords. Use them in some first publications, then make a publication that is not related to the subject, create a similar category, but not very oriented.
Use bold, like I did here, also use italics, to delineate keywords. Again, NEVER use it excessively. Google recognizes all these techniques and your traffic will not increase. Therefore, shuffle, just like the number of messages.


7 Interlink your publications, which point to the same or similar keywords, by using your keyword to make money online like I did here, or connect to some other resource publication of yours. The links should not be nofollow. We are doing it this way, so Google can jump from one publication to another, index both publications, verify the relevance of them and reward them with a better place in SERP.


8 Backlinks, oh those backlinks.

When you start your backlink campaign, one thing you have to keep in mind, and that is, link diversity. What does that mean basically? You want backlinks coming from all possible platforms. and there are probably hundreds and thousands of them. Only some of them are:

live diary

Social bookmarking sites:
stumble upon

Social networking sites:

RSS aggregators:
RSS Micro

Forums, article directories, Yahoo answers and many other websites and different platforms. The best are those who have traffic of course.

Also, do not forget this, never have a higher rate of dofollow links on nofollow.
As I do not know what the opposite term of nofollow is, I used dofollow :)
I know there's no such thing as dofollow.

The rate should be from 3: 1 to 10: 1
If you start creating only links that are not nofollow, it will sound some bells in google and your traffic will stop going up. Cha!! Es Es Es ¿Es Escha Es EsK! EsK Escha EsK Es Es Es EsK Es Es Es Es Es Es Es Es Es Es Es Es Es Es! Es! Es EsK! Escha EsK Es Es Es Es Es Es Es Es Es! Es! EsK Es! Es! Es! EsK! EsK Es! EsK Es Es! EsK! Es! Es Es! Es Es Es EsK Es Es Es Es Es Es Es Es! The only way to solve it is to balance the links.

[​IMG]"data-url ="

9. This is something you must remember. Few things you should NEVER PRACTICE.

Never publish 100 publications in a day, and then stop publishing the next day.
Never keyword messages. K! Escha Es! EsKcha Es Es Escha Es Escha Es Es Es Es Es Es Es Es Es Es Es Es EsK Es Es Escha Es EsK Es Es Es Es Escha EsK Es Es Es EsK Es Es Es Es Es Es Es Es Es Es Es Es EsK Es Es Es!

Earn money online, make money online quickly, quickly to make money online, get rich quickly making money online … and similar garbage. Google tolerates this to some degree, and then slaps it by de-indexing it or leaving it on page 100 … whatever it does, that is, the byebye traffic.

Never overuse the keywords in the title, repeatedly from one publication to another.

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10 Better practices:

Have a natural flow of numbers of daily publications, from the first day:
3, 2, 4, 0, 1, 2, 0, 0, 3, 1, 2, 3, 5, 2, 3, 4, 1, 5, 3, 6, 4, 8, 6, 6, 4, 7, 0, 4, 5, 8, 0, 2, 3, 5, 7

This would be a natural example of publications per day for each day. It seems natural, at the beginning the low number of publications, sometimes you do not publish anything, the next day more, then you start to increase the number of publications, again you upload and download, then nothing during a two days … you must avoid Lines to All coast. Schedule your publications, let them publish when you know you will not be online.

Submitting your sitemap to the webmaster tools of Google is a great idea.
Submitting your own RSS feed to feed aggregators is another.

Well, that would be it, I was writing this directly from my head, so I might have missed something. Feel free to add it, and I'll attach it to this text. I wanted this guide to be understandable to all beginners, I hope it worked.

All this is based on my personal experience, and my results.

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etc …