Should I include a story in my entire writing?

The work of its owner is to make the viewer read the first line of its content. The work of the first line of the content is to make the viewer read the second line, and so on through all of its content. A good story keeps the reader involved and reading. In my opinion, the art of storytelling is important for the success of your message.

The way I read your post seems that you think you need to tell several stories within each marketing message. Personally I do not think that is the case. I tend to base every message on a story. That way I can create multiple messages for the product. And I do not want to confuse my reader with too much information.

I also do not try to sell the product in each message. The opinion on this varies but I usually write two pieces of high value content without an advertisement and then in the third (sometimes the fourth) I will ask for a purchase of the product on which I am writing.