Should fireworks be banned? | Promotion Forum

The amount of pollution in a fireworks display, even a fairly large one such as the July 4th level display in the United States, is not much compared to normal daily pollution.
If you are worried about pollution, then I suggest:
– dispose of your own vehicle (if you have one), use public transport or use public transport.
– Do not use taxis or uber / lyft if you can avoid it. (If you must take a taxi, try to have several people accompany you to make it worthwhile, and you can split the cost with you).
– stop buying as many plastics as they can be helped (since they are very hard on the environment and can last for many years before they degrade).
– Switch to renewable resources to heat homes (wood stoves) instead of gas-based methods (EX-propane or petroleum).
– Limit the use of electricity as much as possible (since in the US Approximately 60% of electricity is generated by the burning of gas or coal … and no, this means that electric cars are also not a really good viable solution)
– Renounce electronic devices, since they consume energy (see above) and are often made with harmful elements such as lithium, lead, sulfur or mercury. In addition, when they are no longer useful, they often end up in landfills.

All these things will have a much more immediate and beneficial effect than stopping the fireworks. (Fireworks displays occur only a few times a year, while the other things I mentioned are much more common and produce much more pollution).

Also, in countries like the USA UU Or Canada, where there are large areas with forests, trees (which absorb CO2 for use in photosynthesis) quickly treat the pollution caused by fireworks. The other elements in the fireworks that give their color to fireworks (titanium, copper, etc.) are a bit harder for the environment. Some of them (like aluminum used in white fireworks) need extremely high levels to start with an effect. However, to begin with, they are tracking levels, so the amount that is added to the environment is quite low. It would take an absolutely massive number of fireworks to cause problems.

In places like China or India, where there may be more people and fewer forests, it may take longer to clean up the side effects of fireworks (when combined with normal daily traffic pollution). So I could see some restrictions maybe. But for most other places? There are many other things that are higher on the risk scale and should be treated before fireworks.