Shopify or your own e-commerce design, what do you prefer?

In my opinion, I think that your idea of ​​choosing shopify would be a good option, since in addition to being easy to configure and use, there are many other advantages that you would get. If you try to design an independent website of your choice, it will definitely cost you an additional payment. But here in shopify you can find different options to design your website with your templates. They also offer the necessary software and hosting for the launch of the website. There are interfaces are also very easy to use.

The next most important thing to consider about the online store is the security of your website, since many of your customers would shop and take care of the confidential personal and financial information of the customers, so these data should be protected. As shopify is a specialized e-commerce developer, they have the relevant values ​​and security measures to protect customer data and maintain their values. Therefore, it is an advantage for you, since you do not have to find separately a security mechanism to incorporate into the website, everything is included in one. In addition, they also have payment processing, which is another positive point for you.

I hope you find this helpful