shipping error message

Therefore, my wordpress site domain is GoDaddy and is hosted on a Hong Kong server, since our target users are mainly from Hong Kong. When I want to improve SEO and started sending a backlink to the directory sites, I always get the error message "The URL could not be validated, or the page does not exist or the server can not be contacted".

I have read on another platform that someone commented: you are receiving the error because you are using an SSL belonging to someone else. When these directories try to verify your site using the "https", they receive a warning that their site is potentially harmful and third-party SSL is the indicated reason. My suggestion would be to buy an SSL directly from your web hosting provider or from a reputable SSL company. "

But unfortunately, I can not say if this is the right address and how I can do that.
Could someone teach me please? By the way, the link to my website is, I hope you can find some clues with the link. Thanks in advance.