Shenzhen ASTA Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen ASTA Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. In 2009, the Astar brand was born. Astar focuses on the development and sale of high quality compatible toner cartridges and copier toner cartridges. It has an industrial park of 35,000 square meters and more than 710 employees. With 18 production lines and new packaging, we have reached the monthly capacity of 600,000 toner cartridges and toner boxes and 1 million consumables. Currently, two brands of ASTA & ACO are headquartered in Shenzhen and have successfully entered six branches in Mexico, Dubai, Myanmar, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam. More than 90 agents of the brand ASTA & ACO. We have a solid technical capacity, advanced testing equipment, a professional and efficient organizational structure and an excellent management philosophy. We have established a stable and long-term cooperation relationship with our partners and we continuously expand our participation in the foreign market. We value customer satisfaction and continuous innovation.
We are committed to a comprehensive solution: consumable solutions for bar code printers and printers. The main business scope includes laser printers, copiers and consumables for inkjet printers, toner cartridges, ink, toner tape, thermal and thermal transfer printers, tape, label paper, label ribbons, cleaning cards, etc. . Widely used in banks, hospitals, schools, government, companies, factories, homes, retail, warehouse, logistics, clothing, post office, entertainment, manufacturing, textiles, etc. We are committed to providing our partners with valuable and professional solutions.

The toner cartridge is usually composed of a basic substrate made of aluminum and a photosensitive material coated on the substrate, which determines the quality of the print. Independent design, great dust filling, new accessories, good compatibility, great versatility, environmental protection, 100% inspection, the effect of the output can be compared with the original