sharepoint server – Unable to access data from external list by REST API

I’m trying to retrieve items from external list by REST API. The external list displays data from SQL Server view. Unfortunately I always get error saying that the list does not exist. This happens both in the case of using api by GUID (like _api/web/lists(guid’96A46528-61AC-4130-8533-67978DAC8A14′)) or by title. I’ve also retrieved all the lists (_api/web/lists) and there’s no list by that ID or title. What could be the reason?
Can Sharepoint version (this is Standard, not Enterprise) have something to do with it?

<m:error xmlns:m="">
<m:code>-2130575322, Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException</m:code>
<m:message xml:lang="pl-PL">Lista nie istnieje. Wybrana strona zawiera nieistniejącą listę. Mogła zostać usunięta przez innego użytkownika.</m:message>