sharepoint online – What actually happen when we set DisableAppViews & DisableFlows to true using PnP

Most of the time when I create a new modern sites, I set DisableAppViews & DisableFlows to true, to hide the MSFlow and PowerApp buttons inside the modern UI from the end users as follow:-

 Connect-PnPOnline –Url https://*** –Credentials (Get-Credential)
 $ctx = Get-PnPContext
 $ctx.Site.DisableAppViews = $true;
 $ctx.Site.DisableFlows = $true;

but even if i disable the MSFlows and AppViews, i am still able to :-

  • create a MSFlow from the MS Flow app and link it to a SharePoint list
  • i can login to power app and create a new power app and link it to SharePoint
  • Using the site owner i can customize the list forms using power app..

so can i conclude that the above PnP will only hide the PowerApp & MSFlow from the UI, but will not prevent us from creating MS Flow and Power App for the site?