Sharepoint online: how to obtain the identification of the modern features of the site

I don't know if this is the appropriate channel to post something like this. If not, redirect me to the correct one.

I am using site designs to create new site collections attached to a central site with the appropriate features enabled, now it seems that I have come across a wall between classic and modern features. I have an action to activate features such as project functionality. example:

"verb": "activateSPFeature",

Now I would like to remove some functions, specifically the function & # 39; Site pages & # 39; to prevent the end user from creating site pages in a particular set of site collections. However, I can't seem to find the GUID of the & # 39; Site pages & # 39; or the function & # 39; Mobile browser view & # 39 ;.

Site pages feature

Does anyone know how I can find this? I tried using the PNP cmdlet, however, this only gives me classic features, cmdlet used:


Any help would be appreciated: I think a link connection is missing in order to extract the properties of these features

Thanks in advance!