sharepoint online – Capacities that we can have inside receivers of remote events

I have a local SharePoint 2013 site, and the site has a custom list, and this list has a linked event receiver, where the event receiver performs the following steps, when an item in the list is approved:

  1. Create a new subsite using a custom site template. the url of the subsite will be equal to the ID of the element in the list. also the description of the subsite will be equal to the description field of the item in the list.
  2. Define that the new sub-site will have unique permissions.
  3. Create 2 SharePoint groups, add users and associate them with the new subsite.
  4. modify the navigation on the left side to have links to the new security groups.
  5. also when the description of the item in the list is updated, the description of the related subsite will be updated.

Now I want to migrate my collection of sites to SharePoint online, and I'm going to convert the previous event receiver to be a receiver of deleted events, which will do the exact steps as indicated above, but instead of creating a subsite, the receiver of deleted events You will do these steps:

  1. create a new collection of modern computer sites.
  2. link the new collection of modern equipment sites with a modern center site.
  3. Since we can not create a new collection of modern computer sites from a site template (as we do in the case of the subsite) … then I will have to create some custom lists and custom document libraries. for example, I'll have to create a custom content type >> add a managed metadata site column (which will be linked to a set of terms) >> create a new document library within the new site collection that will use the type of personalized content.
  4. perform all other operations as defined within the event receiver on the previous server side.
  5. I also need to modify the defualt permission level for the group of members of the modern team's site from Edit to Contribute.

So, in general, should I be able to develop an event elimination event that can perform all the previous steps?