shadowrun sr5 – The Run & Gun couture garments that are labeled as & # 39; Newer models & # 39; Do they lose the armor rating over time?

Fragments of relevant rules of Run & Gun, p. 59:


These articles are the most recent incarnations of their companies.
creators that means they lose a little more when bought as
Slightly worn, that is, a 20 percent loss of armor index (round
rating adjustment) when buying older models of clothing.

Slightly used

Slightly worn option offers brokers the opportunity to buy
some cousins ​​at a discount rate, with some catches. Buying from
the Slightly spent section requires that the character have Armand as
contact with a loyalty of at least 2. When the equipment is bought lightly
Worn out, the character gets a 25 percent price discount, but only
get the armor rating; They don't get any of the armor's characteristics.
Slightly worn feature can be purchased by making the piece
of armor refit. This requires an Armorer + Logic (Mental) (10, 1
hour) Extended test and costs 10 percent of the original armor cost
for each Feature that the character tries to restore.

Do I need to reinstall a newer model from time to time to prevent it from degrading in Lightly Worn and lose 20% of its armor index? Or is it that the newer model only implies that buying the used version gives you an older model that is not as good and applies the armor rating of -20% in addition to the lack of Lightly Worn's armor features?