ServerHub – TERRIBLE. They corrupted my web server.

I felt compelled to write this review given my recent experience with ServerHub after being a VPS customer for 3 years.

Your customer support is as bad as it gets. I have never been so overwhelmed by the negligence and incompetence in my 10 years of web administrator.

Let me tell you how they corrupted my entire file system, an error that has cost us hundreds of dollars and days:


Part 1

First I updated my server plan in its administration panel. The only thing I did was increase the RAM memory by 1 GB and the bandwidth by 1 TB. Simple truth?
What happened next is that the entire web server crashed. It was pretty obvious to us that he would rejoin the update.

The following 24 hours were spent on a ticket, being useless and apparently having no idea of ​​web hosting.

"It seems that your IP is blocked on the server"
"We do not change anything at the operating system level that might cause a problem"
"There is no problem at the OS or cpanel level as well as I can see"
"It seems to be a problem within your VM, which you may need to check through SSH"

So far, they have not yet recognized that the problem is on their side and they just keep pushing the ball towards us. Finally, our main SysAdmin was able to discover the cause, a rather trivial cause, that eliminated 4 of our IP addresses from our plan.

At this point, I sent them a message that told them exactly how they were wrong and that they should re-add the missing IP addresses to our plan.
Believe it or not, this was your answer:

"If you need management assistance, we recommend that you buy one of the packages listed below:" (packages ranging from $ 80 to $ 270)

At this point I was getting angry and just repeated myself telling them to add IP addresses back to my host. It took several attempts to finally get it after I explained in detail how your own packages and services work. And not just for one person, there were several staff members involved in the ticket. When they finally recognized the problem, they fixed it and apologized for "the confusion" that occurred. The confusion of having support people with no idea of ​​what they are doing. Poor customer service seems to be an industry standard with most web hosting sites, so it was no surprise and I decided to move forward.


Part 2

Things finally worked again. For about … 5 minutes, when the site falls.

Our network of web servers (4 domains + 10 subdomains) had been completely DELETED.

The use of the disk (maximum 200 GB) was reduced from 20% to 0%, which is when it became clear what was happening.

I presented a ticket with urgent priority, and for several hours they simply pressed it as long as possible, asking me questions that I had already answered and saying that they are waiting for a colleague to locate the problem. It was 48 completely useless hours in which, of course, we did not assume any responsibility with regard to what had happened, claiming that the problem was a "corrected file system". But since I am not paying $ 200 a month for some children to take care of my server, his general attitude towards the problem was not worried at all.

It is at that moment that they started asking us for backups like temporary solution to minimize downtime. Which is flat to lie. They were wrong and, instead of trying to do the right thing, they wanted to take the easy way out and wait for us to give them the solution. I asked DECIDE if they were going to try to fix the server. No response since then, and the ticket is still open and marked as urgent.


What hurts the most is how they can treat someone who has been a client for years and that was buying an improvement, I like this.

Absolutely negligent customer service, never more. Now it is our job to inform people and expose ServerHub for what they are.


And I'm going to call @JohnSH Before you get into the subject, claim how you strive to achieve excellence and how sorry you are, as you did in all ServerHub topics.
If you want to do things right, do not just make a publication with nice words. You were wrong. My ticket is # 2099281. Stop asking and start doing. You lost our network.