server – ubuntu–vg-ubuntu–lv partition full for no apparent reason?

I am using ubuntu server on a few machines but it seems 2 of them are afflicted with this issue while the others are totally normal. Both machines are very barebones, outside of the ubuntu server OS there is very few additional installs and nothing which accounts for the massive disk usage.

I tried using tips from previous posts here, checking with du, wajig large, ncdu but nothing shows what is using this vast amount of space. It seems this space is not accounted for at all yet is being blocked from use as if it was full.

Below are images of df -h indicating the disk is near-full (deleted some logs to free space from 0 and install ncdu) and the ncdu printout *note /media is space utilized by HDD on the server since I mount them there. It does not contain anything from the partition in question so it can be ignored.

df -h printout


wajig large printout