seo – What are the best ways to increase the position of a site in Google?

There is no definitive answer and all answers will be completely based on opinion.

Meta tags for keywords are DO NOT used in the ranking of the search engine. If you want a more definitive answer, consult the following publication here.

The best thing you can do is:

1.) Continue adding new content, comments and blog posts, and create RSS feeds for Google and send them as site maps to Google.

2.) Keep all content unique and do not duplicate content. Currently, Google is struggling to keep all content in the search engine unique and not duplicated. So be sure to add canonical links to your page. See here to learn how to do it.

3.) Make sure your website is sensitive. Google also wants sites to be displayed quickly and correctly on all devices, and may be penalized if your website is too slow on mobile devices.

4.) H1 tags, meta descriptions, titles and meta tags. That said, since the meta tags are not relevant, the fact that they are relevant to their content will not be lost. However, have one and only one H1 tag and make sure it is relevant to your content. The same goes for your meta description and title tags.

5.) The speed of the website is an important factor. Google recommends that all websites load in less than 2 seconds. In this case, make sure that all the images are optimized, do not load unnecessary resources, configure a cache in your .htaccess, enable persistent TCP connections, add gzip to your resources and combine all CSS files in one and minify them, the same with you JS records.

All my suggestions are of my own opinion and all are optimization on the site. You will be asked to collect relevant backlinks, but make sure you do not participate in a link scheme. Also keep in mind that malicious links and spam content can damage your website and cause much greater problems.

Social networks can also be a good source of traffic and can be used as a very powerful SEO tool if used correctly.

The main point would be: Do not wait for overnight results, this process will take a lot of time and may take a lot of time and work before you start seeing the results. Be sure to target the right keywords for your site by doing research on the target keywords, analyze your competition, what they are doing and what they are not doing, how many backlinks they have. None of this, however, will guarantee you a prominent place. If it were so easy, then everyone would do it.

The best place to start is to look here, as it is written by Google and will advise you on best practices.